Great Brisket Score of 2016!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mauser, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. a-f-o
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  2. Nice
  3. I'm in the 7$ per lb northeast. Another reason to move south!!!
  4. smokinal

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    There running around $2.90 here for choice.

  5. bbqwillie

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    Same here. Brisket is a rare treat at my house.
  6. seenred

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    That's as good a price as I've seen this year...nice find!  Last Fall, Mrs. Red stumbled upon choice brisket for $1 a lb...but she only picked up 3 of them!  Those 3 are long gone, and now I'm looking for sales again.

    Mauser, your location says N.M. mountains...if you don't mind saying, where exactly?  I once lived on Vermejo Park Ranch for a couple of years.  About 45 miles west of Raton in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.  Sure pretty country...

  7. a-f-o
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  8. seenred

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    I've never been through that part of the state...always heard it was pretty down that way...

  9. bbqwillie

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    Ohhh! Ohhh! I love Ruidoso. Visited there many times and I like that place!
  10. Dam.  If i found a brisket that cheap I would get about 50 of them.  They're around $9-10/lb here.   Never seen any sales either.
  11. I'm up to between 6.00 & 10.00 dollars depending on how far I want to travel
  12. cricky101

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    Costco has been my best brisket source so far. Prime-grade packers at my closest store are $3.29/lb. Sometimes Super Walmart has choice for around $3/lb, but I'll spend the extra couple bucks for the prime if possible.
  13. jcbigler

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    OP, why are you deleting your posts?
  14. That is in response to censorship and tiny minds of some individual(s) on this site.  I posted a rather lighthearted rant about a serious subject -  how the fools at Texas A&M have completely destroyed the jalapeño for all of us; it is virtually impossible to buy a real one anymore.  Obviously I upset someone, and Zippy's response was to totally delete the post without even communicating with me in any way.  I do not accept that type of fascist behavior.

    I do not know if anything I post has any value, but I DO know that I do not want my words or thoughts associated with any site that welcomes Zippy the Pinhead or Little Hitler as a moderator.

  15. 3montes

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    $3.99 a lb. is standard here. Sale price is around $3.29 my connection who works for a restaurant supply company called me the other day and said I have some briskets that are close to freeze date and wanted to know if I wanted one at $2.69 a lb. I said I will take a case! [​IMG] Too late other employees jumped on the rest so only one available [​IMG]

    So he stopped by the house with it after he got off of work. A nice 14lb choice packer! Creekstone Farms no less! [​IMG]
  16. Well now i wish i had seen it.
    I love a good aggie ribbing, especially the way aggies always overreact to it

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