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Discussion in 'Events' started by upsman, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Hello All! well I had my first experience at a cook off competition a couple weekends ago just to observe not to compete but went down to see and support my cousin Tim that is into the competition gig and man it was awesome. I highly suggest if you have never been to one to go  if you can.
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    Looks like a great time and good eats!  Are you going to start competing too?
  5. upsman

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    have several more pics I would love to share which was my intentions but having major difficulty doing so on here why????????????????????????????????
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    I just posted 3 Qviews and had no problem; you click on the Insert Image icon, select your file, select one of three sizes, and it will publish in your post.  Skip down a couple spaces and repeat, posting as many as you'd like.
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    If you are using Internet Explorer you could encounter problems. We have had quite a few people with the same problems using IE. No problems have been reported using Google Chrome or Firefox.
    The problems have been reported to our host, Huddler, and they are working to resolve the issues.
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    thank you on the feed back on IE am on chrome now going to give it a try.

    the one above here in purple was a little to high tech for me. this guy had it set up on computer with an App that went to his I phone that gave him all the internal temps. way to techno for good old fashioned smoking meat in my book.

    man so unbelievable some of the set-ups and smokers that were used.

    below are the 3 classes of Chicken, Ribs, and Pork

    final presentation Chicken 4th place winner

    my Cuz getting his crazy shred on :)

    so glad to be apart of this. He won 4th place for Chicken and won back at least half his entry fee.

  10. upsman

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    yeah it works like a charm in Google Chrome. IE sucks

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