Gravity Feed Charcoal Smoker w/small (microwave oven size) remote cooking chamber

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    Hello from the Philippines. Righ now using a mini weber (14in) that I shipped from states in 1990.

    I am trying to find information or web site for a gravity feed charcoal smoker that is remote from the cooking chamber.

    I saw one while searching the net about 1 yr ago, but I have lost the source.

    The man had built what appeared to be a standard "Stumps" type gravity feed chute and ash box that was remote (about 5 feet) from the small cooking chamber. The cooking chamber I believe had room for one rack for smoking. The cooking chamber was mounted on top of the heat transfer tube about eye level (5ft) off of ground.

    I want to build one similar to this design. It would be good for a small family.


    Roy Aipperspach

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