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    Its time to retire my competition fridge. After 4 re builds the main shell is just beat. My firebox door fell off at the last competition. I am going to tear it apart and keep the inner shell as it is only 2 months old. I was going to use it to build a backwoods style but I am starting to lean towards gravity fed. Then I started thinking can you do both? I have a welded in water pan in between the firebox and cook chamber that has 1" gaps on each side that allows heat and smoke to come up. Thought about sealing up those gaps. removing whole back of smoker and extend it to make room for another false wall. Have heat and smoke enter at top and go out the bottom exactly like a backwoods. Put the charcoal chute on the right side. The way the inner piece is made now there would be 3" insulation around firebox area and 2" everywhere else. Do you think this type of gravity feed would work? Also, How big a square are the chutes in the stumps and would 11GA be strong enough to construct the chute and firebox out of?
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