Grandmas BBQ Hotdog (sauce)

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  1. My grandma makes these hotdogs at every family gathering we have and I have since started making them for my friends. They really enjoy them, as well as the guys at the fire dept. Here is the recipe for just the sauce

    -12oz bottle of chili sauce
    -3TBS brown sugar
    -3TBS Dark karo corn syrup
    -2TBS white vinegar
    -2TBS Worcestershire sauce
    -1TBS yellow mustard
    - 1/2 cup ketchup
    Mix together in large mixing bowl. Apply to whatever

    After that, she usually pours it over a package of hotdogs cut up and bakes them at 350 for a half an hour. The sauce is good on a lot of things, My personal favorite being grilled Kielbasa. Enjoy!
  2. Sounds good, i'll have to try this one.
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    That is almost identical to my Mom's Barbeque, aka Sloppy Joe sauce. Just add sauteed fine diced Onion and Ground Beef. Simmer until thick. I can see it would be great on Hot Dogs or Smoked Sausage. My Polish family would pobably disown me if I put that on Kielbasa...[​IMG]...JJ
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