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Discussion in 'Beef' started by gt2003, May 14, 2008.

  1. gt2003

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    My step son is graduating this year. He would like to have a few friends over after graduation. He asked for brisket which would normally not be a problem. However, I have a sales meeting to go to tomorrow. I will not be home until Friday mid-afternoon. So, here's my plan:

    I currently have 2 briskets on the smoker. One is rubbed with Jeff's rub and the other with some "nice butt rub" that I got as a gift from some friends that recently went to Vegas. They have been on the smoker for approximately 1 hour so far. I am planning on smoking them until about 11pm tonight, foiling them and wrapping them in towels and into the cooler until the morning. Tomorrow morning I am planning on slicing them and putting them in a disposable, aluminum roasting pan with foil over it and then refrigerating. My wife has Friday off so she is going to put the brisket in the oven Friday afternoon so it can reheat for about 3-4 hours prior to everyone coming over.\

    Does this sound right? I have done similar smokes in the past and they have turned out well. Just wanting to get some good advice before I get too far into it.

    Q-view to follow. Thanks, Greg
  2. ron50

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    I would cook the brisket to an internal temp of 180 -190, whether that is 11PM or before or after who knows. It also doesn't require staying overnite in the cooler, the temp might get to low placing it in the danger zone for bacteria growth.

    3-4 hours sounds like a lot of reheating time, might dry it out.
  3. gt2003

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    Thanks, that's why I'm asking. Maybe only and hour or so on the reheat. I've got 2 aluminum pans so there won't be too much meat in either one.

    Keep the thoughts coming. I've got plenty of time to adjust what's going on.
  4. abelman

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    Here's what I did this past weekend. I did a brisket the day before. Normally, when I'm going from 165 to 185, it's in foil with some apple juice. Then it goes to the cooler for at least an hour.

    The difference was, I skipped the cooler. I let it sit on the counter, still foiled for 30 minutes. Then, it went into the fridge for the following day.

    I put it in the oven at 250 and took the internal to 160. I never opened the foil and left all the juices in. It took a little longer than I anticipated (hour and a half) as I probably should have taken it out of the fridge sooner.

    In any event, all things considered, it came out tasting very good and wasn't dry. Still lots of juices in the foil which went into a boil for the meat. The ends (one inch) were the most tender I have ever had on a brisket and I've done a fair share. It literally fell apart like pulling brisket although this one was sliced and we didn't go to 200-205. It sliced fine as well. Between that and the chicken, nothing was left so I guess it was OK.
  5. blacklab

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    Do you have a prob for your meats smoking now? Thats the best way to tell things are done without raiseing a lid or opening a door. Remember times are estimates temps are facts. Congrats to the boy [​IMG]
  6. gt2003

    gt2003 Meat Mopper

    Great! Here's the adjusted plan: I will cook it tonight up to around 185 or so. I will then remove it from the smoker, foil it, let it rest on the counter for 1/2 hour or so then refrigerate it. When I get home friday afternoon, I will slice it cold then put it in the disposable aluminum pans and reheat it for around an hour and a half. Here is a pic of both briskets put on the smoker.
  7. gt2003

    gt2003 Meat Mopper

    Yes blacklab (I got a black lab of my own, about 10 years old, great dog!). I didn't have the thermometer in that picture but it is in place now. Thanks for asking. About the only thing i do without using it is the ribs. Once they have pulled away from the bone I'm pretty confident they are gonna be tasty and tender.

    Brisket temp stuck at 143 or so for about an hour right now. Guess I'm hitting the plateau. I'm planning on at least another 3 hours on the smoker. I think I'll be close to 170 or so by then. I'll post more pics once i take it off the smoker and get ready to wrap.
  8. bbq bubba

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    I gotta feeling your gonna be up late tonite....[​IMG]

    Don't pull off at 170, it wont be cooked yet. Brisket needs 190*+

    Also, i would not slice cold, will dry out while re-heating, reheat as a whole, rest and slice! [​IMG]
  9. gt2003

    gt2003 Meat Mopper

    Briskets pulled off at midnight. I don't really know the true temp 'cuz I fell asleep and the internal was down to 130 when I woke up. I did go ahead and slice them, but, I placed them in the foil pans just like they were before they were sliced. Kind of like a loaf of bread. They are a little rare so I'll plan on reheating for probably somewhere around 3 hours at 250 in the oven. This smoke has been an interesting one. However, i expect the results to be good. Here's a pic or two of the briskets prior to slicing. They look just like this in the foil pans. I'm hoping that will help keep the moisture in.
  10. blacklab

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    Right on!
    They look good [​IMG]
  11. gt2003

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    Ok, they are reheating now. I will post more pics when they are served.
  12. gt2003

    gt2003 Meat Mopper

    A few weeks late but here are the pics of the finished brisket. Thanks for all the help.

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