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Discussion in 'Pork' started by skillet, May 17, 2010.

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    Well it's that time of the year again and the second of my three offspring graduated today. So I took up the task to make most of the meal for the party.

    So with the MES 40" at the ready I started with the crowd favorite, pulled pork, also called into action was corned beef brisket and lots of Dutch's Wicked Beans. Here's some of the photos from the past 4 days. It's been quite the adventure (and a great learning experience)

    Ok here we go:

    Here are the subjects staying cool. (and a couple of fatties up above for a snack :)

    These are two pack-boneless pork shoulders from Costco. Currently priced at 1.75/lb. The smallest package was ~13 lbs and the largest ~15 lbs. totaling about 56lbs of raw pork.

    And I know this is this the pork section of the forum, but I also smoked up about 40lbs of packaged corned beef for those beef lover folks. These ran for 14 hours.

    I didn't have time to brine it (long story), so I went with an injection of butter, beer, smoked paprika, ground chipotle pepper, mustard powder.

    The rub was dark brown sugar based, with smoked paprika, CBP, ground chipotle pepper, cumin, ground mustard, garlic powder, thyme, sage and rosemary.

    Forgot to get a picture on the pre-load of the butts, but here's a shot right after they were stared. Smoked with Hickory, Apple and Cherry wood.

    And in the ECB, I had fatties going for a snack [​IMG]

    It was a long haul with it loaded up that much meat. After 18 hours here they were done, never opened the door, except to take them out.

    Let them rest, wrapped in the cooler for only 3 hours since time was short, (like to have them rest for 6 hours) we started pull them. Didn't have time for burnt ends, but separated the bigger chunks of fat (for my brother-in-law) and the more burnt end for the beans.

    Had three roasters, one for pork, one for beef and one for beans. We pulled half of the butts and save the rest for leftovers.

    And finally, first in line, the graduate. He loves smoked BBQ and that was his main request, so the old man had to step up to the plate.

    It's been a long past 3-4 days started smoking at 1am on friday morning and didn't shut it down until 2pm Saturday afternoon, about 37 hours of non stop smoking. Had the beans in for 3.5 hours too.

    It all turned out great, Dutch's (not so hot) Wicked Baked Beans (to keep it nice for everyone) and Wingman's Cherry Dr. Pepper sauce. Both were big big hits with everyone.

    Thanks to all the knowledge everyone gives so freely on the site, that gave me the courage to give this a try and it was a success.
  2. forktender

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    That is a really awesome looking day you had there.
    The smoke looks just as awesome.............Now tell that kid of your to get out there and get a summer job to help pay for his schooling.......LMFAO !!!!
  3. skillet

    skillet Fire Starter

    LOL, yeah no doubt, that is top on my list, and probably about 50th on his. He's not scheduled to work this week, little does he know I have a list of things for him to do around the house, the rent starts tomorrow...
  4. tom37

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    Looks Great!

    I keep wondering when my kids are going to do all the cookin and all I have to do is hang out and eat.

    I see the sweet baby rays. Do you use it as sauce or is it part of your prep?

    Nice view of the frig, my wife just loves it when I do that. A year ago I help a buddy out and cooked the food for his wedding, 76 lbs of PP and just under 80 lbs of brisket, and 20 lbs of corn. The wife tried to cook breakfast the morning after I went to Sam's, well we had to go out for breakfast, what a shame that was.
  5. adiochiro3

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    Nice work, my friend! What dedication! Our kids can never really know how we feel about them until they have their own!

    We're next. My middle kid graduates in 3 weeks. Gonna be smoking a long list of goodies for the party: fatties, ABT's, PP, brisket, & beans for starters. Probably some cheeses as well.
  6. jirodriguez

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    Nice job! That is one heck of a lot of meat. [​IMG]
  7. pineywoods

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    Congrats on the big smoke and congrats to the graduate!!
  8. skillet

    skillet Fire Starter

    Thanks all for the well wishes, it was a labor of love that's for sure.

    Woohoo good luck on the smoke and pass on my congrats to yours, don't forget to snap some pics of the food. I was mostly on my own until my brother got in to help, so the camera was a secondary thought....

    Amen to that!

    Ahh no didn't use it for prep, just thought it looked good in that picture. It was used in Wingman's Cherry Dr.Pepper sauce. If you haven't tried it I would suggest you give it a go. Made a batch up earlier in the week and my boy who sometimes just eats just BBQ and bread said it was some of the best. It will be a staple item on our table.

    That is too funny, sounds like a great smoke out that go around. For the past week I kept telling everyone, "don't buy and more frig stuff and eat whatever is in there now" :)
  9. walle

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    Great job, Skillet! Go BIG or go HOME!

    Congrats to your son.

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