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Discussion in 'Beef' started by dockman, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Ok guys/gals I am giving brisket another try this weekend. I would like for you to grade me and give me suggestions of what I "DONE" wrong. Please don't grade me until I am completely done from start to me eating it. The reason I want you to wait is I would like to taste it before it is graded plus I have a plan in my head and would like to work the plan without second guessing. I will post pictures the best I can and also post as often as possible. Come Friday I will be on very limited internet service for my posting will do the best I can. Guess I should tell you what my smoker is? I am using a MES40 new generation with an Amazen products smoke box in the mailbox mod. I will be using hickory/mesquite pellets mixed 50/50.

    Step 1: Brisket came out of freezer Monday night (Brisket is 14.32 lbs) and into fridge.

    Step 2: Following post

    PS: My cook day is Sunday
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  2. dockman

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    [​IMG] Had to have a cocktail for this job!
  3. dockman

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    My select brisket

    Meat is rinsed and ready for trimming.

    My marinade will be Cherry Coke and Beef Broth. Injecting Apple juice and Beef broth.
  4. I know you said to wait until you're done, but I see a huge mistake, and I want to warn you ahead of time. 7up??? Dear God, man.  Tonic is the only thing that should come near Tanqueray, and only sparingly!!!!! 

    Hah, to each his own, enjoy the cook!!!
  5. dockman

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    Oh no that Tonic is nasty!
  6. dockman

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    Brisket is trimmed
  7. dockman

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    Change of plans on my injection decided to go with the broth and butter.
  8. dockman

    dockman Smoking Fanatic

    I guess I should let you know that all trimming and marinading was done on Wednesday evening. Brisket is soaking in fridge until Friday. Will give updates on Friday evening or Saturday morning.


  9. rhnewfie

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  10. I'm agreeing on that tonic with Gin !! Good luck on the brisky !! Always good to have a plan !!!
  11. ps0303

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    Always tonic with Gin!

    That sure is a long time to have the brisket injected and waiting.
  12. dockman

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    My plan is to take it out of marinade Friday evening and rub it Saturday morning.
  13. bgosnell151

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    Are you going to be drinking the gin and 7up consistently throughout the process, or are you going to be taking breaks between them?

    Oh, and I drink my gin with a touch of dry vermouth and 2 olives.
  14. Great looking brisket, it will be awesome.

    Tanguray with Diet Tonic, taste more of the flavor. Give Rangpur by Tanguray with Diet Tonic a try. Lime flavored. Great summer beverage..... JB
  15. dockman

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    I know all of you are just dying to give me suggestions on what I have done wrong so far or right! Glad I posted the Gin and 7 so we had something to talk about.  bgosnell151 I think I better take a few breaks.
  16. I've never done a brisket so I'm really enjoying your post.

    The only advice I can give is to try Ginger Ale instead of that 7-Up [​IMG]
  17. dockman

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    Dang is their anyone else that drinks gin and 7 to give me some support here?
  18. Dang .., next time you feel the need to marinate a few days , make the marinade a brine and call the brisket a pastrami !! Lol!!
  19. Ok... Back to the brisket.

    Are you going to use a rub? What kind? What temp are you smoking at and what internal temp are you wanting? Will you be wrapping?

    General questions, lots of different answers, just curious as to your plan.

  20. dockman

    dockman Smoking Fanatic

    Yes rubbing with this. Cooking at 260, wrapping at 160 - 165, leave wrapped until about 195 then wrapping with blanket for a few hours to rest.


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