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  1. Hi. I'm a 46 year old nerd that cooks and messes with firearms and 3D printers in my spare time. Had a medium sized propane vertical smoker and gave it away when I got my Masterbuilt Signature Series 30" digital electric smoker. Have had very poor results thus far compared to my propane cooker that I foolishly gave away. No smoke rings, bitter acrid smoke flavor and dry meat seems to be what this thing puts out in stock form. I didn't have to mod my propane rig to get sweet smoke from it, but this electric rig is going to require mods. Thankfully I have unlimited access to a full machine shop and I know how to fabricate reasonably well. I want to continue to use chips, so I think I will try building a stand and using a mailbox mod with a hotplate to heat the chips. I could control the smoke in my propane unti well enough to get the thin blue smoke I like best. Can't get that with my electric unit for more than a few minutes. All white smoke after a few minutes regardless of the temp settings.
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    Gr8Scott, welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here and looking for answers.  The folks with your smoker should be able to give you the directions you need.  You'll figure it out soon.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm sure you will get that smoker up & running real soon.

    There are a ton of guys on here with your smoker who can help you.

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome fellas.  This looks like just the locale to help me better my BBQ skillset and maybe help someone else while I'm at it.
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    Welcome to the forum....glad you joined!!
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  6. Greetings from Winston!


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  8. Thankya Simon Templar and Phatbac.  Glad to make your acquaintance.

    That Carolina Smokers gathering sounds nice indeed.  I am tempted to make an appearance.

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    Just so you know, I have an older MES 30 Gen 1.

    1) The acrid taste sounds like stale smoke or creosote. You're probably used to using the vents to regulate temp but you can't do that with a MES. Just leave your top vent WIDE OPEN ALL THE TIME!!! And use the controller to regulate temp. That will keep the smoke circulating and then exiting--no stale smoke in the MES that way.

    2) although some people do, most of us MES smokers just don't get a smoke ring. A smoke ring looks great but really does nothing as far as taste goes.

    3) Afraid I can't really help you as far as the dry meat goes. The only thing I can think of is that you're overcooking the meat. MES therms are VERY inaccurate--both the cook chamber and the meat probe. Unless you have one I would highly recommend you get a good digital therm.

    4) The mailbox mod is an excellent addition for a MES. I have one and love it. Also great for cold smoking. You might want to look at an AMNPS--pellet tray--for the mailbox. You can get an almost endless variety of wood pellets. I use mine all the time, unless I want to use a special wood not available in pellet form. Then I just use the chip tray. The advantage of the AMNPS is that one tray will usually last at least as long as your cook time--don't have to refill it every 15 or 20 minutes like a chip tray.

    Hope this helps you. Believe me, I LOVE my MES.

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    [​IMG]Glad to have you on board as you can see this is the place to ask questions and get advice.

  11. Gr8 Scott welcome. I am Mooresville, nc , but grew up I high point.
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    Welcome, you've definitely found your way to a great forum. I stopped at Little Richards in Mt. Airy a while back. Probably my favorite style of pork BBQ.
  13. Look me up next time you get to the WinstonSalem/Greensboro area.  I can introduce you to some East Carolina pulled-pork that will have you throwing rocks at that Lexington tomato base BBQ! [​IMG]

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    Ha ha! I don't know, my Dad's from elm city and I've had some pretty great whole hog. Sho wouldn't turn my nose up at it that's for sure. Heck, I like all of the Carolina offerings. I just like the Lexington style the best.

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  15. Thanks to all for the incredibly warm welcome.  I have been sidetracked on another project lately (new night vision rig for my hog gun).  I haven't rolled out the masterbuilt for a while, but I will have to soon as I am starting to jones for some properly smoked BBQ again.

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