Gotta Q? about building my own Lang "clone"....

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by vegansbeware, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. As some of you may or may not know, I work for an Oil Pipeline Co. and on our current project we are using a .38" (that's just a over 3/8" for you "non engineers") wall thickness 30" diameter steel pipe. I've been talking to the guy in charge of the pipe supply and of course the scrap pipe and he said I could, very possibly get a hold of a decent length (4-5ft.) of scrap pipe for FREE!!! Now my main question is, other than the sheer weight of this particular length of pipe and how I would HAVE to have counter weights for the lid, how do you think it would do for cooking? I know it'll work just fine on warm days but when it's cold, wouldn't it take quite a bit to get the cooking chamber up to temp? I'm planning on doing a trailered Lang "clone", but the weight and thickness of this particular pipe is kind scaring me. But, then again FREE is a damn good price!

    Let me know what your opinions are on this matter.

  2. txbbqman

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    I think it would work just fine, you will be surprised at how well it comes up to temp and holds that temp...if built right.

    If you offered me that pipe for free, I would leave work, go get a trailer and go pick it up with out batting an eye.

    Congrats on the score, keep us posted
  3. It'll be a bit before I actually start it. But I DEFINITELY will post pics of the build! I have to wait for the construction to get the St. Joseph area her in Missouri (which will be few months from now). AND I kinda need to get a trailer and make place for it! Damn! I've got ALOT to do before I get it!
    [​IMG] Guess you could say I almost put the cart before the horse!

    Any one got a trailer that will hold around 1500 pounds they wanna get rid of for cheep?[​IMG]
  4. roksmith

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    I honestly wouldn't want a cooking box that big to be any thinner.
    Mine is similar in size.. 36 inch pipe, 48 inch long and 3/8 thick.
    By the time I get a fire burning nice and clean, the steel is plenty hot.
    No worries about wind or cold temps effecting the box.
    Only mistake I made was first trying a length of spiral weld pipe..did not work at all. As soon as we finished cutting out the door, that sucker sprung right open.. and no amount of heating and beating was going to make it right again.
    Sounds like you're starting with the right stuff.. should be a nice unit when you're done.
  5. bbally

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    380 wall works great for cookers!
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Hey, MASS=HEAT efficiency;heck 1/2" would be better, but overkill.

    Yes, Heavy trailer,heavy SFB and good exhaust flow. 48" to 60"X 30" , WOW[​IMG] Do a whole herd at once[​IMG] LOL
  7. Maybe, if I get it done by then, I'll bring it with me when I visit my Dad. Then, WE could show my buddy what BBQ REALLY is![​IMG]

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