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  1. In all honesty, why would a sane person wake up at 4 in the morning to start cooking his lunch outside in 40 degree weather with a 15 mph wind? Especially in this age of technology, why am I burning wood to cook instead of using a thermostatically controlled oven? Makes no sense until you take a bite of that delicious slice of brisket. No offense to the electric or propane or wood pellet guys and girls, but I don't think you can enjoy good barbecue the same way that someone does who cooks using wood. The amount of care it takes creates this relationship with the smoker that can make your wife jealous. [​IMG]
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    Great start!

    I think this will be a good thread!

    I'm in!


  3. Wrapped the brisket in paper and added the ribs
    Wind has got a little colder but the insulation on my firebox is working like it should and keeping my temp up
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    No offence taken, Electric/Pellet guy here.  I honestly do want to learn wood but just dont have the free time right now...
  5. No offense, but as I get older and wiser, I find easier ways to get the same results. The relationship with the wife has become more important than the one with my smoker.

    If it is your thing that relaxes you more power too you. We all need our zen. Mine has changed over time, so the flexibility my pellet grill gives me to focus on other things fits my life for now.

    Who knows, 5-10 years and I may be back to tending a stick burner
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    It was looking good,how did it end?
  7. There are times when I would like to have an electric, gas or pellet smoker for convenience and there may be a day that one of those will be my main go to. But for now I will enjoy putting wood in the fire. And don't get me wrong I know there are plenty of people that can create great barbecue without burning splits. My wife is ok with my extended time with the smoker as long as the food is for her.
  8. Ribs were peefect. Brisket could have stayed on a little longer. Still a little chewy. I pulled it off at 205 internal temp and let it sit for several hours in oven at 170. I knew the probe didn't slide in it as easy as it should but I didn't want it to dry out. Sorry no pics. Hard to remember when everyone is hungry and I'm busy finishing sides.
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    Glad the ribs turned out great, too bad about the brisket.

    If you have any brisket left you can always steam it a little to finish it up.


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