Got the smoker fired up and made the dumbest mistake ever

Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by phillipleondria, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. phillipleondria

    phillipleondria Fire Starter

    So i got a beautiful Boston Butt on the Smoker, and just for kicks i made myself a nice breakfast fatty for snacking. I really hate to waste room on my smoker, so I try to do a couple things at once just because I feel like i'm accomplishing more than I am. So anyway, I made a beautiful bacon wrapped fatty, lattice is so awesome, I put it on the smoker on my stack side, let it sit for about an hour I go check the temp and its down to 200, not horrible but my smoker hums so easy at 225-250, and I spent about 30 minutes tinkering with drafts, vents, and even a fan then I opened my smoker and saw it....I nearly perfect circle on top of my fatty.....I put it just a bit close to the stack and except for one small section I had nearly choked off my smoke stack, and clogged up my smoker with my fatty. I guess its not always true, bacon doesn't make everything better...Smokin ain't easy but it sure is fun.[​IMG]
  2. 3montes

    3montes Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Things like that happen! It's called learning I bet you don't do it again! [​IMG]
  3. phillipleondria

    phillipleondria Fire Starter

    Definately not, just thought it was hillarious, I was working my butt off trying to get my heat up and my own food was working against me.[​IMG]
  4. crankybuzzard

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    Ha! Pray that is the worst thing that ever happens when smoking!

    We've all got some stories like that. I buried the probe of my thermometer into a brisket on my offset once. Like you, I jacked with it for a long time trying to figure out why I had a cold spot!
  5. phillipleondria

    phillipleondria Fire Starter

    Fatty is done
    Just waiting on my pork butt its at 170 now
  6. stubster

    stubster Newbie

    From the looks of it,youre still going to have a happy ending!😋

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