got stuck on a Low Sodium (high BP) diet. looking for sauces / rubs and such that contain little to

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  1. -devil-

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    anyone got some? or some suggestions? i am in that stage right now where nothing tastes right so my seasoning of stuff is way off just for day to day cooking ... will prob take a few weeks to a month to adjust before i can start trying stuff ...

    figured here was the best place to see what others are doing to reduce the salt / sodium (do not care for the metallic taste of the salt subs)

    before this 'required' diet adjustment (doc and wife kinda outnumbered) my go to seasoning was things like Tony Cacherie More Spice ... or a mixed rub that i have used for a while... a ton of salt in it though.
  2. foamheart

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    The doctor told me long ago to use Ms. Dash and a small dash of tabasco. We finially decided that salt was a necessity in life much like air and water. Since we can't link outside here, google this, "Tabasco Sauce Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits". Also check out the Mrs. Dash if you have not be told of it before, but its usually the first thing they add in your get to go home check out folder. Then ask your wife if you can have some............ Oh and Tony's does make a salt free seasoning

    Hope it all works out for you.
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  3. -devil-

    -devil- Smoke Blower

    yeah i sort of agree on salt is a necessity, but i will openly admit that i used way more then i likely should on all foods ... she see's it as a cut it all out completly ... i just think reducing it would work ... doc said low salt so like 1500 to 1800 daily max ... (if i had to guess i was in the 6000+ range daily if not higher on some days)

    have several mrs' dash already ... honestly i taste nothing from them right now ...

    had not thought of tabasco or panola may pick up some more bottles and give it a try doesn't seem to high for a few drops at least ...

    also considering using more fresh stuff instead of dried seasonings to see if that makes a difference ...
  4. You might run the numbers by your DR. But you must have are trying to read what you want to see into this........if you don't want to cut way back and fallow the DR orders...........Please don't ask us to [​IMG]You! You know what you Have to do

    Happy smoken.......and ask your DR

  5. foamheart

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    I'll be truthful with ya, listen you your wife and Doc. I was/am hard headed, always been that way, took me three heart attacks, and I am still doing things my way but I seem to have changed on my own. Shame I didn't do that 15 years ago.

    I don't remember getting any taste out of anything. Its like if it ain't salt, don't even wake the taste buds up. Check with the Doc, there is I am positive, a hospital nursing extention to help you with all these things. There has got to be something out there by now with taste without salt.

    Last heart attack, you now have to eat something to get out the hospital, I had not eaten while in there. Pop brought strawberries everyday from the garden, like I was gonna eat that nasty hospital food. The midwatch nurse sneaked to the kitchen and brought me a turkey breast on sawdust bread w/ mustard. She watched me choke down 1/2 of it so I could get released the next day. See what those poor people had to put up with?

    Again, have you tryed the Tony's salt free? Or is it more dried colored grass? Is cajun power salty? Probably it does have some taste to it.

    Oh and that spray butter, "I can believe its not" does help cause it is an aromatic. The nose tricks your mind.

    I do wish you luck man...... The alternative is worse than no salt and eating grass and cardboard.
  6. Thank you FoamHeart For chiming in.............I don't see why you would pay your Dr. and then say no...........I don't like the taste of that...........If he will PM JJ he will work up something to wake up his taste buds.....That will also work for his diet!

  7. PLEASE pm JJ and ask him for help. He will be happy to find you something with taste....that will not kill you.

  8. -devil-

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    ok in none of this did i state i was looking to do what i wanted to do or for what i thought the doc ment ... he stated 1500 to 1800 and that is what i am using. which is why i was asking for suggestions ... on rubs / blends / sauces that others use that have had similiar diet changes so i can start looking into them more and trying them out if they will maintain that ...

    sadly about 3/4 of a question is lost online when it is asked so people always see other things into it which are not there at all ...

    only part of it i stated was that my wife was trying to find stuff with 0 sodium in it when the doc said it only needed to be in the 15-1800 range max per day ...

    thanks everyone for the suggestions so far.
  9. -devil-

    -devil- Smoke Blower

    the tony's salt free was one of the first ones i picked up but all i could taste was the metallic taste of their salt substitue that is in there in place of normal salt so it has been pushed back on the shelf to try again in a month or so. 
  10. foamheart

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    I had to re-check and remembered the other day seeing Pop's threads on low salt in brines and sauces like this

    You might talk with Pops he's pretty dang smart and he is the Guru's Guru when it comes to smoking. Oh and there is not salt in smoke! Just trying to help man, I remember how miserible I was.

    Good luck man

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