Got my new VacMaster, now let's tall bags vs rolls

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  1. floridasteve

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    I've read y'all's talk about using your vacuum sealers, so I'm asking if you prefer bags or rolls? Rolls seem more versital and less expensive, but does the hassle of using them out way the.benifits? I was going to call Lisa today and order some, but thought I'd pick y'all's brains first and benifit from your years of experience.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I've used rolls exclusively because of cost.  But I found out that when packing smaller items (like smoked cheese or fish) it is a PITA to cut and seal each end twice to ensure a good seal.  On my next order I will order some pint bags just for those annoying time consuming small packs.
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  3. I've always used the rolls. The ability to make them to size is nice. I have a few different widths of rolls to accommodate different items.

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