got my new MES 40, made some dinner!

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  1. so my MES 30 died while making mothers day Pork, so i gave it to be best friend, he is going to do the re-wire and use it.

    and i bought a new MES 40 from Sams, its sooo much bigger and nicer than my MES 30!

    today i smoked corn for the first time, WOW!!!!   yeah, new must have for smoking

    peeled back the husk, took off all the trash, then soaked it for two hours in water, then coated in butter and dillo dust, put the husk back on, then smoked it over hickory and mesquite for 1.5 hours....then pulled it, cut it off, added more butter pepper and salt......yes it was that good, and i smoked 1.5 inch bacon wrapped pork chops too.....

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    That looks great nice job [​IMG]

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