Got me a new grill/smoker today!!

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by matty matt, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Hey peps,

    Got me a new grill today I know it's not the best but I like to mod every thing so this will be a good thing. She is a Char-boril 700 and quite big for what I need lol but give's me some room to grow! Any tips and tricks I'd love to hear about. Some time this week im going to season it and start with a 8lb butt that I have had for a while.

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  2. seenred

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    Congrats on the new pit, Matt! Be sure to show it off in action when you smoke that butt!

  3. disco

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    Welcome. You'll love this forum. I just started smoking last fall and had limited success until I found this forum. I have learned so much from the kind members. They are generous with answers to your questions and there are a ton of great ideas in the postings. One of the ways I learned the most was posting my projects with pictures and I always got support, advice and suggestions for differing ways to do things.


    I am sure you will love this forum as much as I do.


  4. jarjarchef

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    Lots of info on modding the Char-Broilers and CharGrillers on the site.....

    Just a few i would suggest to start.

    Charcoal basket - keeps the coals out of the ash = better heat control and less fuel consumption

    Seal the air gaps = better cooking efficiency and temp control

    Upgrade the thermometer - I put 2 towards to outside edge of mine about 2" above grate level. Make sure to calibrate them.

    There are a ton more, but the three I listed i feel are the most important.
  5. kathrynn

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    Nice!  Now get it all seasoned and dirty....and enjoy playing!

  6. Thank's Kat, lit a nice fire in the fire box when I got home tonight! Gonna make a few mods first before I cook anything, really hate the stock temp gauge!!
    As of right now Im going to mount the gauge I put in my kettel grill on the cold side maybe the hot side of the grill till I get another temp gauge! as for the basket I wanna make one soon just need some expanded metal and I have plenty of 7-16 rod laying around from car projects! As for the air leaks, there are tons! I placed two spits of apple and a lot of coals just to get the grill supper hot and cap the vents after the smoke was clear blue and let it go for about 2 hours then opened all vent to the max and just let it get hot now cooling down.. I also want to try and make tuner plates or a single tuner plate with holes with a buil in water deal but not sure yet how I wanna go about that.
    Thank's Disco, I have been smoking on a kettel grill but its a pain in the rear to do half the time trying to keep temps low and so forth.. I keep looking aroung and have tryed some great ways to cook pork butts so far gotten good on the kettel but this is a hole new learning curve!
  7. Thank's Red, Ill be posting some pics of the butt up after my first "real" indirect heat smoke!!! Super excited!

  8. Did a small steake today! Very nice smoke ring and almsot done but juce was running like mad. Cooked for 27 mins on the hot side with apple and charcoal. Another semi big fire but just to do another heat cycle, along with a steake hahaha love this grill just need to find some time away from work to do some simple mods before my butt.
  9. jarjarchef

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    Looks good.

    Yea work has a way to get in the way........

    Not sure where or how you are storing your smoker/grill. I made the mistake of not getting a cover for mine (no garage or covered porch) and it was toast in about 2 years. We bought the same one for my father in law at the same time and his looks brand new 3 years latter. Now he keeps his in a garage and has only used it a couple times. I do most if not all of the smoking around here.
  10. I plan to get me a cover of some sort. As of right now it just sits outside in the elements.
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