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  1. Hey everyone!

    So I just had a question pop in my head. I have a thread going under side fire box, I am building a 250g smoker. I just recently looked at a calculator for building one and probably had a concern confirmed with it. I am not connecting the smoker staight to the fire box. I am going to run a pipe into the smoking chamber, now the pipe may be too small but because it will run the length of the tank I'm thinking the airflow distributed the length of the tank may not hurt that I have a 6" pipe! The question though is how many slits do I put in the pipe and how big? I wonder depending on this if it will help the airflow where I can still stay with the 6" pipe? that's really not covered in the calculator! I'm not planning on welding the firebox to the tank until I have tested it, but was wondering if anyone has a set up like mine and can share a little advice about the pipe?!
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    I'm a new builder but remember seeing a picture like you described while I was doing some research on my build. They used two pipes but I don't know How well it works
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    I would have to see an illustration, but sounds like you may not get enough airflow, draw something up and well go from there.
  4. Ok so this is kind of what I am going for!


    Now I did some studying today on fireplaces and chimneys and how they work! As far as my draft I will have a taller than needed chimney, so that will create more draw on the smoke and heat. And I know that the slits will need to actually be cut lower in the pipe ( this is an older drawing that i did), if not the heat and smoke are going to exit very quickly out the first couple of slits if they are cut higher on the pipe. and I'm not sure if they should be on both sides of the pipe or just on one side. The only thing I am not sure of is if because of the internal pipe, if it will create more draw with out worry of needing a bigger pipe (drawing more smoke and heat out quicker), or if I need the bigger pipe because the heat and smoke have to get out of there to stop from suffocating the fire.

    So my plan right now is to likely just go with a bigger pipe, first gotta check if the metal shop will swap my 7' x 6" piece for a 7' x 8" piece + the diff in cost. If not I am going to try a run with the 6" see how it does and if anything else I'm buying a bigger piece of pipe! 
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    It's that big G in your window.

  6. ABSOLUTELY!!!!! LOL!!! UGA represent!!!! truck is actually two toned black/red with a white stripe!!!


    this was fresh out the paintbooth! painted myself!
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    If you used the BBQ pit calculator to figure out how many square inches of opening you need for the firebox to smoke chamber transition, then just make sure that the slots you cut combined with the end of the pipe have the same total square inches.

    Say your total area needed is 40 in.­² (hypothetical)

    6" pipe end is 28.27 in²

    leaving 11.73 in² additional needed.

    So if you cut two 6"x1" slots along the pipe you would have 12 in²

    for a total of 40.27 in², fulfilling your 40 in² requirement.

  9. thanks for the help rodriguez! that does help make since with possibly how many I will need to cut!
  10. call me crazy i just like to be a little different, even when it's a little more complicated! like to be told i can't do it just so it's a challenge!!
  11. Those calculations won't work.

    It doesn't matter haw many slots you put in the pipe, you are still restricted by the 28.27  at the intake end of the pipe in the fire box.

    Only way to increase flow is to increase pipe size or add another pipe.

    Just my 2 cents.
  12. well the metal was willing to trade + extra cost from 6" to 8"! so 8" it will be!

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