Got a good deal off ebay.

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  1. I finally dropped the hammer on a stuffer after trying for the last few weeks. I ended up with a Vertical Stainless Steel MTN "ebay brand" 20lber.  I will take some pictures once it shows up later next week.  I got it for $65 less than the buy it now price so I got a pretty decent deal.  I know some of you guys on here are not a fan on the Vert stuffers with the elbow neck because there is going to be left over meat in the neck. But for the price and size i could not go wrong and I am planning on getting a smaller stuffer down the road for 5lb batches.

     If you guys have any questions about it here is the link.

    Also every few days one of these will go up for auction for much less than the buy it now price granted you will have to pay shipping but it can be a better buy if you can slip one buy for under $125 or so.
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    You are going to enjoy  that one - 
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  3. ??? What you mean scarbelly?
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    Sorry - fat fingered the post and killed enjoy that one 
  5. Haha no worries I know how that goes. And i'm sure I will all I need now is a grinder and the meat flood gates will open up for me.
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    Congratulations on your purchase and I see Sausage in your future... lots of it!  Enjoy and please post all your adventures cuz we love to drool!
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    The elbow is no big deal... How picky must we get.... My 30# cabelas leaves 3 lbs......You can just make patties with the leftover or get a cheap jerky gun to finish up but for the 20# I dont think there will be much left over... congrats on the stuffer and good luck on your sausage processing ..........

  8. Good deal!
    You may want to look into extra gaskets, just in case, that seems to be a big issue with that type of stuffer.

    I wonder why they don't make them without that pain-in-the butt elbow!? It would mean less metal and presumably less cost!!!
    The Sausagemaker's bigger stuffers don't have it.

    ~Martin :smile:
  9. Congrats on your new purchase! I see many lbs of sausage in your future! Don't forget the q view!
  10. Atleast with the MTN and Weston ones that have the elbow their big thing is that the meat tube can angle out for easier loading/cleaning which is probably part of the reason they use that elbow design.
  11. Alrighty my stuffer arrived this past Friday but have not done much with it beside opened the box till this morning.  Where to start...


    Size 7L which goes to 15-20lbs from what I have read will let you know tonight after I use it to stuff 15lbs of Summer Sausage.

    Price.  I hawked auctions that were not buy it now auctions off of eBay and got lucky paid 125 shipped to my house.  Normally they are $230 or around for this size.

    Stainless steel speaks for itself easier to clean and look pretty.  

    Came with four tubes 1/2, 3/4, 1 1/8, 1 3/4

    2 gears for fast and slow movement of plunger.

    Everything seems to be put together pretty well it is a study heavy duty item. 


    <Very large if you have a small space this will take up a lot of room making it as small as possible it is still 30+ inches tall

    <Mine was covered in a film of grease,  This was my biggest issue and I am still in contact with the seller about this.  It really pissed me off that I got this stuffer granted for cheaper but I spent a good hour and a half use goo gone on it.  The side supports and outside of the gear box has a nasty film of grease on it which if I had paid over 200 for the stuffer would have probably made me send it back.. 

    <Also I have a feeling this will be an issue after I use it tonight, on the neck of the meat canister there is a spot which looks like it was not filled in and ground smooth.  If this was on the outside of the unit fine it would bother me but not be a lasting issue.  But it is on the 90 degree part and I am almost positive there will be an issue with meat getting stuck there.  

    I will take pictures tonight of the unit and the spot on the elbow tube.  All in all I think I will like the stuffer and maybe they all come with some grease on them I just feel for the money we are spending they should be clean.  If all else fails I might be getting another canister to replace mine where the weld spot is.  

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