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    I was driving home and right as i was pulling in front of my house i noticed my neighbor had a smoker out in his driveway by the curb. I asked him what he was doing with it and if he was throwing it out. He said he got it off the neighbor that just moved out the day before and before i know it he was rolling it down the sidewalk to my house and said here you can have it! As i started to wheel it to my side yard he said hold on i have a small trashcan with charcoal for it also.

    So i am a new owner of a brinkman smoke n pit. It was well used sonit must work to some degree. I looked up info on the model and found this website. The previous owner put in two gauges one on each end of the lid. I have since then:

    -sealed up the cooker lid with fireplace rope and sealed all the holes.
    -flipped the lower pan upside down and raise nearest to fire box side up and over the pass through and the far side to bottom of cooker
    -extended exhaust vent to the grill
    - made a charcoal box to sit 2-3" off bottom of fire box

    I will include pictures tomorrow.

    I have a trashcan full of kinsford briquets and a bag of hickory wood so i would like to use that stuff first before moving to lump charcoal.

    So what kind of meat should i use for my first smoke ever?

    Anyone have any good recipes?

    I was thinking of doing the pork stickey from meeowy for pork butt but from further reading looks like i should do a shorter cook with chicken breasts?

    From reading looks like i will put a full chimney of unlit in the charcoal box and dump a lit chimney on top and bring the smoker up to temp then add 2 or 3 hickory wood chunks on the perimeter inside the charcoal box. Make sure thin blue smoke then add the meat and start smoking.

    When you add charcoal to keep it going what temp do you generally let it go down to then are you adding a full chimney again or just a certain amount?
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  2. Chicken is Cheap and Easy   that way you can get familiar with your smoker before you jump in on a long cook
  3. basing110

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  4. Not Bad, a little elbow grease, wire brush, sandpaper and High Temp Paint  You can have that looking Brand New

  5. bluewhisper

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    That rig speaks of use. Somebody has done a heck of a lot of something with it.
  6. Free is my favorite number!!! Congrats and welcome!

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    Welcome to SMF!

    As stated above I would start with Chicken, it can take higher temps and is a bit forgiving for your first smoke as you learn how to control the fire.

    Before your first smoke, I would start a fire and get the smoker up to 275-300, mist the smoker box (not the fire box) with some water to clean it.  Let it cool to 220-240 and coat the inside with some Canola or Grapeseed oil.  This will give you the opportunity to see how to control the fire.

    Then start as you stated, get the temp stabilized at 250-270 add your chicken.  You can add additional charcoal when it runs low.  Most of your heat control will be done with your inlet.  You should leave your outlet completely open.

    Good Luck & Smoke ON!
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    Just put some brined bacon wrapped chicken breasts in.. well see what happens

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    Looks good, and you can't beat the price. Why don't you use the Kingsford to burn out the cooker and clean it up. Then start your cooking with Royal Oak lump and only use the briqs to start the lump. When the Kingsford is gone, start your lump with RO briqs. If your smoker uses wood, the lump will establish a great bed of coals and you will be able to cook with splits. Good luck with it, Joe
  10. Looking Good 

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    Done at 3.5 hrs.. had the heat baffle fall down so put a cement brick with hollow center to hold it up about half way through..had a problem with the wood catching fire alot.. even with it out of the charcoal box..i just ended up letting it burn and had anywhere from gray smoke to TBS. Hopefully it doesnt taste bitter.. was stuck at 153 for a long tume so i moved chicken closer to the firebox and it got up alot quicker although i shook the coal box at same time..

    Pulled chicken out at 175F


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