got a free smoker, hopefully I can learn some skills... pics inside

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bigsmokin, Oct 4, 2015.

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    well, i work for a moving/storage company, and a customer was going to toss this well used smoker out, so i brought her home.   i've wanted to build one for a while, so i spent most of the day taking it apart, cleaning, and repainting it.   i also am replacing the hardware with stainless, and have welded the whole frame together, along with most of the joints on the smoker itself.      i ran out of paint, but i got the firebox painted, and part of the large part of the smoker(what is this called?) .    i also am noticing that there are some gaps around the stack, and the lid doesn't quite shut all the way either.   is there any type of seal i can purchase to seal these points?

    as far as i can tell this is a silver smoker by charbroil, but i have to be honest, i didn't realize they were built out of this think of gauge steel.    its pretty dang heavy.       anyhow, i hope to learn alot here, and thanks in advance for any pointers!!!

    oh yes, i hope to be cooking on it next weekend.   i have a little more work ahead of me putting it back together.       

    one more thing, what do you think of my new handle?    im going to be making a diamond plate shelf to go in place of the wood also.   THANKS GUYS!!!!

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    I used high heat silicon and bbq gasket. 2 buccles on smoke chamber and u got a seal.
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