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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cmayna, Sep 28, 2013.

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    While I was out cruising around in one of our vintage Mustangs, I get this call from my wife who was somewhere on the Pacific ocean hunting for Salmon.  She says "Hi, do you have a moment to talk to the Captain of the boat?".   "Hold on, I need to pull over" I said.

    I always make sure that whenever she goes out, she brings a smorgasbord of some of our Salmon Jerky, Nuggets, Filets, and now Lox.  I guess Jimmy the captain of the boat apparently tried some of the Lox and went bonkers over it asking my wife for details.  I guess that's what cel phones are for.

    So, yes I pull over and Jimmy gets on the phone yakking about the quality of the lox the wife provided, saying that so many customers bring their Salmon dishes aboard asking him to try it, which he always does but he was apparently caught off guard with what my wife provided.  I briefly went into some details but asked for his email so I can send him some details and pics.

    I smiled the rest of my cruise.

    Then later tonight after the wife get's home, she tells me that Sean (the skipper of another boat which I have been on recently) has invited me on the "customer appreciation" Salmon outing this next month.   Yes, I will need to start making some Salmon treats to not let him down.

    All in all.....a good day.
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    Those are nice compliments!
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    Good Lox is worth every, savory bite...    Lucky you.... the fishing trip sounds cool...

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    I admit, I have never tried lox. It isn't overly popular in New England. Congrats on the great feedback and the invite.
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    Great story!! But I think we're going to need a recipe. 😄
  6. cmayna

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    I am still tweaking the recipe so no publication yet. Meanwhile I started a new batch yesterday, finishing it this morning. Gonna save most of it for the customer appreciation fishing trip this next month. Will also start gathering Salmon logs, nuggets and filets for the other guests. It's going to be a Salmon pig out :biggrin:

    Here's a couple finished product pics

    Finished product

    Finished product cut in half and vacuum sealed

    I can say that so far this has been a 27 hour process for me as follows:

    8 hours dry brine
    8 hours wet brine
    5 hours air dry in fridge
    3 hours room dry under a fan
    3 hours cold smoke

    So you can imagine that if I want to cold smoke early am, I need to start early am previous day. All I need to do now is some more tweaking on both the dry and wet brine mixtures.
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