gosm propane problems

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  1. dmack

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    Well my first 2 smokes with my gosm wide body were tough.Couldn't get the temp up to what I wanted.I got a lot of help from people here with no positive results.I was about to take it back to Wally World but decided to call customer service. I now have control from better than 400 down to well below 200 (i did the needle valve mod).
    First the customer serv rep said you don't need temps above 220 on a smoker.I told him no the meat temps maybe, but the smoker temp should definitely be able to go well beyond 350. He asked about my tank, if it was a Blue Rhino, I told him no. He asked if my tank valve was all the way open-I told him yes. He said that's too much pressure. He told me to only open it a turn and a half. On my tank that is all the way open. I found 3/4 turn is best. He also took me through resetting the regulator. Disconnect the regulator from the tank.Turn knob to high for a minute-then turn off and reconnect to tank. It should be ready.I still had problems. Then I checked my needle valve.When I go to light it must be all the way open, once I get that high temp I'm after, I use the knob on the smoker to make big adjustments and my needle valve for fine tuning. Now its working like a charm. I have tested the above 4 times now with great results.[​IMG]
    Maybe nobody else is having this problem but if I can help somebody save a smoke than we're all good.

  2. mofo

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    Wonder why Customer Service would be interested in whether or not it was a Blue Rhino? That's what I use...
  3. jtribout

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    Great job working out the bugs. We all have them. Can't wait to see your next smoke. Send those pixs.
  4. gobbledot

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    dmack what was your problem, not getting up above 220? The problem i have with mine is getting lower than 230-240. Where did ya get your needle valve mod equipment. I am thinking about doing it to mine. Thanks..
  5. dmack

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    If you are using a gosm like mine your regulator fittings are 1/4".You can pick up a 1/4" needle valve in most any hardware store.I saw mine in Lowes,Home Depot,Menards, and I bought it at my local Hardware Hank store. The regulator is 1/4 pipe thread, your needle valve will be compression thread. I took in a picture of exactly what I wanted and they were able to help me. Finally found that thread.I'll send both of them. There is a thread for a valve with a nice knob, Bayou Classic Depot, I think. They get about $5 for it. But then you pay shipping.Mine was almost $7, no shipping. Let me know if you have any more questions.


  6. pineywoods

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    D I'm glad you got it figured out now lets see some of that Qview that I know is gonna come out of it. [​IMG]
  7. cinnamonkc

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    Glad you got her back in working order!! I'll be keeping this one handy for when my GOSM takes a dive.
  8. Dmack,
    Thank you for the information on the needle valve fix. I just got a GOSM and during the seasoning process, I played with temps a little and could not get temp below 240-245 on the lowest temp control knob. I'm a long time griller but new to smoking, so I'm learning from all you here on SMF. And, now I'm off to get the needle valve and give it a try. I'm sure It will solve the problem

    By the way I have smoked one chicken. My wife and I loved it. Good smoke is good eating.

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