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    I am on the fence as to whether or not I want a gas or electric smoker. I have an Old Smokey right now and have used charcoal smokers in the past. I have been looking at The 24" Camp Chef or the GOSM.  One issue I find with the GOSM is the variation of costs. The Wide body from Wal-Mart is $159 vs. at Landman which is $300-600 depending on what you want. The Camp Chef looks pretty versatile, I'm just not sure if it's worth the extra up-front cost. Can anyone give some info on either of these specifically the differences and also propane usage which is a big differentiator as I am still debating on whether to go gas or electric. I plan on doing hot and cold smoking as I do want to hang my own sausages.

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    I have a GOSM 3405BGW Widebody and after a few simple mods I really like it. I have never used a Camp Chef or any other electric so I can't really compare but I did track propane usage once so I will comment on that. Smoking at an average temp of 230* i got over 40 hours  out of a 4.7 gallon tank, I quit counting at 40 hours but it probably went at least 5 more. I have my bottles refilled so I know how much is in them, I don't trust Blue Rhino in filling theirs all the way.

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