GOSM Needle Value mod - A little advice before I rip it apart....

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  1. I am moving full steam (or smoke in this case) ahead with cooking new things in the smoker.  My sons gave me a GOSM 20 x 34 smoker from Wallyworld.  Salmon is next on the list and with all the help on here, I have learned that I truly need a needle valve.

    I read through the post on needle values, so I ordered the Bayou Classic M5HPR-1 assembly 

    But when I looked underneath the smoker, the connection for the hose looks totally different and I just don't think it will match up.  

    Here are a couple pictures of the hose connection:

    If anyone has used this assembly on the GOSM or has any thoughts or suggestions I would certainly welcome them on how to get this to work or if I have the totally wrong part for this.  
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    It's a right angle connector.  As long as the thread size & type (fine, medium, tapered, straight, etc...) is the same on your new one, it should work.  It will just not be a 90* connection and will come straight off the male side of the connection.  The only other issue I can think of off hand is if the new hose not being a 90*, it might not fit in the area where the connection needs to be made. You don't want any hot metal touching the hose, or the edge of metal parts rubbing on the hose.  I don't know the layout of that smoker so it may or may not be an issue.

    Random thought.... Why are they always called "right angle" connectors.  If you flip it over is it not a "left angle" connector?  Sort of like a "left handed" coffee cup I guess.
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