GOSM Big Block - Water Tray Paint Issues

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by krivera1, Apr 23, 2011.

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    I'm at my brother's house this weekend - he bought a GOSM big block on my recommendation and we're giving it a first smoke today (butts, ribs and fatties).  

    Last night I lit the smoker to prime it.  Put some hickory chunks in the box, filled the water tray with water and sparked it up.  I let it run for about 90 minutes.  When I went to dump the coals and clean it out for the morning I noticed the lid of the chip box had droplets on the lid - it was kinda dark out so I just went along and leaned the lid against the leg of the smoker and went along with cleaning everything up.  After I dumped the coals and put the box back I went to put the lid back on - I noticed that there were black paint drops on my brother's flagstone!!!  

    Came to find out that the paint used on the exterior of the water tray had "liquified" during the smoke and dripped on the chip tray.  On the bottom of the water tray you could see the running of the paint and formed drop which hadn't fallen yet.  I was a bit pissed to find this - I did not have this problem on my own GOSM.  

    We're running the smoker today.  I'm a little worried that the paint may not have been cured properly and could be "contaminating" the food in the smoker.  I guess we'll find out tonight when we eat, but the whole thing really took the fun out of the virgin run (not to mention it lost me some "credibility" with my brother).

    Maybe Landmann had a bad run of the water pans - I'll call them next week to complain (and to make sure there's nothing toxic in the paint).  Hope nobody else is having these problems with their new GOSMs.
  2. the bishop

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    Are you sure that's not just residue from the smoke on the bottom of the water pan? I noticed the same dark brown/black liquid, but it washed off the bottom of the tray no problem.
  3. fife

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    Good luck with it

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