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  1. Hi Guys,

    I have been smoking for a couple of years with a charcoal smoker and love the taste. However, I would smoke for 4 or so hrs in the smoker then finish it off in the oven inside. Wife does not like the smoke smell in the house too much, so I decided to get a propane smoker so I could complete the job outside without too much tending...

    Anyway, I was lucky enough to find a BB GOSM (after reading great reviews here) last week. Today the weather is ok (just above freezing, 6 deg Celcius), so I decided to break the smoker in and do some chickens.

    Temp stays pretty consistant with changing the setting on the knob and vent dampers.

    Here is my problem: I put about 4 large lumps of charcoal and 4 bricks along with lots of hickory chips. The wood eventually started smoking but the coal are still not smoking. It's been a couple of hours. I have not done the coffee can or the cake pan mod, but looks like I will have to.

    I have a couple of birds in there and wondering how I can make the coals smoke?

    Any help would be nice.

    Post pics later....
  2. Pre light the charcoal in a chimney starter?
  3. Just when I thought I had it all... propane bbq, charcoal smoker, charcoal grill, propane smoker, portable grills... you had to remind me that I don't have a chimney starter...lol.

    I just cranked open the vents on both sides to get some air in there, hoping the coals might light up. The very small pieces are actually smoking a bit but the large ones are unlit... may be I will pull the large coals out and put in some smaller pieces. More to come....
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    I found that in my BB GOSM that if I did the pre heat on high with the vents wide open that I could get the wood going, and then turn down to the setting I was going to cook at. Had no problems getting a nice smoke with the stock box
  5. Hello,

    I tried my second smoke today. This time I put a cake pan instead of the chip pan that came with the smoker. Also, I put a small (4x4) brick directly on top of the burner then put the cake pan on top of the brick. The charcoals lit up completely this time.

    I did a brisket this time. Smoked till the internal temp reached to 160 degrees (took about 7 hrs for the 8 lbs brisket). Then foiled and cooked till internal temp hit 195 degrees (took about ONLY one hr!!!). Then I pulled it out and let it sit for 1/2 hr before slicing. The meat had nice smoke flavor and smoke ring but it was too tough for my taste. I think I trimmed the brisket too much. Next time I will not trim any fat.

    I know I will get it right one of these days... lol. My charcoal one took about 4 tries before I was happy with the results...

    More to come...
  6. was that a full packer, or a flat? to raise the temp 35* in an hour is weird. what was the smoker temp? if it was a flat, you may want to take it to a higher temp, say, 205* for a more tender result.
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    Sounds like you're getting it figured out. Sure would like to see some pics of your smokes.
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    At least you didn't give up on your first attempt with the smoker and it sounds as if you got the results ya wanted on the 2nd try. [​IMG]

    Lots of info on the site that'll help ya with both the smoker type and how to get that meat just right so you don't have to take it inside.

    Pull up a chair and share some smoke with us! Looking forward to helping ya out!
  9. The cake pan will heat up a hole lot faster then the cast iron pan they sent with it. I foil the top a my pan an poke 3 er 4 holes in it, the foil keeps it from flarin up.

    The lower the temp ya smoke at, say low on the dial, the harder it is ta get wood chunks an briquettes ta burn, so I switch ta chips an pieces a briquettes when low smokin. The higher temps I can use whole briquettes an my wood chuncks without a problem.

    Run the flame on high ta get yer temps up faster an yer wood smokin quicker. I also use hot tap water in the pan so I ain't heatin that up any more en I have ta.

    Ya play round with that GOSM an yall find ya really gonna like it. Does excellent work.
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    Be sure and check the calibration on that stock therm, they are know to be off by quite a bit. At first, set the regulator on high until you get a decent burn gping, then back it off some. Try use chunks instead of chips, a lot less time spent oening the door just to put more chips inside. Always leave the top vent wide open for proper air cirxculation, stale smoke can create creosote. Good luck my friend.
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    That is very weird . . . and suspect. Is it possible the therm was in a fat pocket and not muscle? Also, have you "boil tested" the thermo recently?

    The brisket should get tender somewhere between 195° and 205° but it may not be the same temp every time. To check, push the probe in at several spots on the flat. When it goes in like butter, you're good.[​IMG]

  12. Guys, I am almost ashamed to admit my mistake here... lol. I now remember cranking up the smoker temp upto 350+ after wrapping. No wonder it went up that fast internally. My bad.

    You know what that means... gonna have to smoke again next weekend [​IMG]

    I am not relying on the smoke thermo... even though it seems right. I checked with a lazer. I also picked up a Mavrick (model ET808C) for the meat.

    I will post some pics later. I have done some mods (casters, basically) and it's raining like crazy right now for pictures...
  13. It was a full packer... but I think I trimmed a bit much. Next time, not trimming at all.

    Here is question... why do you have to wait till the internal temp is around 160-170 before wrapping? Does the meat not get smoke flavor within the first 2-4 hrs? Just wondering if I should just smoke for 3 hrs (regradless of temp) then wrap and 'cook' till internal is 190+. What do you guys think? This is what I have been doing for the last couple of years on my charcoal smoker and the results have been AMAZING!
  14. The way I learned it, smoke does it's greatest amount a work up ta bout 145*, bark is formin ta the 165* nieghborhood. Ya wrap at 165* ta stop formin bark an sorta braise the meat. Takin it in foil ta 195* ta 205* in so is ta make the meat more tender.

    So that bein said, ya wan't more bark, wrap latter, less bark wrap sooner. Some a the secret ta bark be in how much sugar ya got in yer rub an at what temps ya smoke. It's all personal preference though, ifin what ya doin is workin fer ya, keep doin it. I'm always tweakin my smokin a bit here an there though.

    Ya wanna use a good probe thermo, so ya know what the temp is bought in the middle a the thickest part a yer meat, sounds like yall headin down the right path!
  15. Decided to try the smoker again this weekend. Very happy with the results!!

    Go Big or Go Home... [​IMG]
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    nice lookin chicken and ribs... do tell us a lil about them.

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