Goose summer sausage

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  1. I am thawing all my extra goose meat out to make some summer sausage. Buddy had some that was made by the local butcher that was great. I have a recipe that looks good but calls for fermento dextrose and corn syrup solids and I got some eca. Am I correct that using eca instead of the fermento dextrose and corn syrup solids will give a similar result? Also how much eca should I use for a 25 lb batch? Also how much cheese do y'all usually use per 25lbs? I have done venison summer sausage before and get decent results with the premade kits but want something I can tinker with over time. Also if anyone has a recipe they really like to start with that would be great as well. May split and do two smaller batches of different recipes to see what I like better.
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