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Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by mike65, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. mike65

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    Hello All -

    Went over to Walmart and picked myself up a nice 8.2lb  Bone in Pork Butt.   Really surprised how much they cost lately, but I didn't mind paying $1.89lb.

    This time I used Royal Oak instead of Kingsford Blue.  I was surprised to see how hard it was to light the Royal Oak compared to Kingsford Blue.    Put the PB on at 6am Friday morning, got it into the oven to finish it off at 8pm.  Pulled it at 10pm Friday night.  Sorry but there are no pics this time.  [​IMG]        [​IMG]  .     

    We had some for dinner Saturday night and took the rest to small group lastnight. Really happy how the meat had that smokey taste to it and the apple rub that was used taste good.  My nylon cord that covered up the gap came off my lid.   Really not liking how much gap there is now, so my next smoke I'll be using tin foil instead of the nylon rope. 

    The next smoke will be a brisket.   Will be reading up some on smoking a brisket and making some beef broth for the injection.  

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  2. bobank03

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    How was the PP? You didn't really say how it tasted? Foil will work just as well for the lid.

    Keep us posted on the brisket! 
  3. mike65

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    Wed I'll be doing 17 lbs of pork wed 10/09.  1 8lb and 1 9lb. Since the porks are a good size I'm using a different smoker for this one.   I forgot to purchase apple juice to spray on the pork, will rum and brown sugar be ok'?
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  4. mike65

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    No Brisket yet.  Still not sure if the ECB is up to the challenge. [​IMG]
  5. hardwater

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    Why not just buy an oven gasket? Those rope seal great

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