Good Old Gen MES40?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bubinga, Jul 26, 2014.

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    Hello Everyone, Long time browser first time poster.

    I recently picked up an old gen MES40 (20070311). After reading the various  posts about internal temps I'm still not clear if I have a good or bad old gen MES40. I recall during preseasoning, after about 2hrs of soaking @ 275, the built-in probe sitting in it's "holster" was reading around 255. Others in this forum have indicated the temp can very drastically depending on the location of the probe. So I don't know if I can say the MES is bad or not. if I move the probe somewhere else I could probably get the 275 max temp advertised.I haven't had time to measure the temp at various location yet.

    So the questions; What temp is everyone reading with the built-in probe sitting in the holster when set to 275? Is the 255 I'm seeing about right? Would like to see if I have a bad MES before the warranty expire.

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    Hello bubinga!

    If I have my MES Gen 1 (20070311) set at 275 with the built in probe in it's holder, the probe shows around 250-260. I have a Maverick 733 that I've done the boiling water & ice water test on to verify accuracy, and if I put one of its probes near the box thermostat, it's all within a couple of degrees consistently. 

    Few things to think about:

    - the temperature is going to vary at different points inside your box. The hottest spot in mine is on the top rack just below the vent.

    - the built in probe is meant to be in meat, not sitting in the 'open air' (so to speak) so it may register differently because of that

    - Even though I have the Maverick, I tested my built in probe with boiling water, and it registered 211 (should be 212 for my elevation). That's close enough for government work for me!

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