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    Decided to delete this post (the only way I could figure how) after findin out it wasn't a 732 and basically a promotion to get a credit card for any substantial savings. Anyway, I've got a 15 pound turkey thawin for my first turkey smoke. Gonna try a brine and do it at 300-325. Do you think that will be hot enough to avoid any bacteria problems? Speaking of hot, I did a brisket last week a little different and it turned out the best one I've done. I usually go 225- 235 all the way foilin at the stall and bringin it to 195 to pull. This one i raised the temp to 300 at the stall. It climbed to 195 in less than an hour. I let it go another 1/2 hour before pullin it cause I figured no way would it be tender and still didn't know. But it turned out great, the best I've done. Tender, moist, good smoke ring and excellent bark. And it cut about four hours off my regular smoke time. Next time I might go hot all the way. It was a smaller brisket (about 9.5 pounds) Seems like with the WSM you can't go wrong no matter how you cook[​IMG]
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