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  1. Local craigslist ad has a char-griller smikin pro with sfb new in box for $75.00. I'm sure it's a good deal, but I see there are a lot of mods to get working realy well.Does anyone have details on the mods. Since I don't have a smoker right now and I'm using a modified kettle grill, This seams like a no brainer. A little more than I have to spend ( limited funds right now) I think I should jump on this. Thanks in advance for the input.
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    $75 is a good deal however the latest models are thin metal. The mods required are only a few dollars or none @ all so don't let that hold you up. Do a search for a list of mods here on SMF.
    Good luck and enjoy!!

  3. That's actually the same smoker I was originally going to purchase through wallmart for about 150.00 dollars. it's a popular choice for an entry model smoker at an affordable cost but dose require some mods to make it perform better......

    The cost in performing the mods is not much and the asking price for that smoking pro in new condition is fairly reasonable.I personally did not purchase that smoker model because I opted to buy a used smoker on craigslist of better quality. If your not in a hurry and you keep checking criagslist, chances are that someone will post a used charcoal smoker of much better quality on craigs list for under 100.00 dollars. one that will retain heat better and one that won't have paint chip off like smoking pros have been known to do. Ultimately is up to you but make sure you read into the cons and pros of owning that model smoker [​IMG]
  4. That is a steal, especially with the SFB. I got mine for $99 and had to fork out another $69 for the SFB. Yes there are some mods you can do improve its performance, but start with these:

    Replacement Thermometers
    The stock one in the lid is not dependable, to say the least. Pick up a couple of good therms that you can calibrate on E-bay for about $15 each. Mount them on the front of the lid near grate level.

    Stack mod
    Using a flexible metal ducting, bring the stack vent opening down to the grate level. This will force the heat and smoke to circulate more before going directly up and out the stack.

    There are more suggested, but take them one at a time and see how your smoker reacts.

    Good luck and good smoking!
  5. Thanks for the advise everyone. It looks like the mods are well within my ability. I'll have to call the seller back and give it a go. Just hope the wife understands. I'm afraid this will lead to a smoking abyss from which there is no return.

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