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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by tomurphjr, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Sorry if this isn't allowed (new here). I had my eye on buying a GOSM for awhile and decided to stop by Walmart in my area to see if they had any. Walmart's website had them list for 99$, and when I got there, they had a "roll back" sign next to them for 80$. I verified and bought it for 80$.

    Just an FYI if anyone is looking to buy one.
  2. christhompson

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    With a suggested price of $99, I assume that was the 16" wide one. Did they have any of the $138 base price 20" wide ones?
  3. Yes, they had the wide body ones, but they wern't reduced in price. [​IMG] So I decided to get the smaller one for my first smoker.
  4. boston

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    I got the smaller one a few months back, and am already wishing I had gotten the bigger one. OH well, I will use this one for a few years and get a bigger one then.
  5. I was wondering if I should just get the bigger one when I bought mine. I figured the price difference was worth getting the smaller one. Hope it works out for me!
  6. pineywoods

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    I hope it works out for you too but I doubt it will of course I find the wide body isn't big enough for me any more either [​IMG] Either one is a good starting point. A couple members have had problems with the hose and regulator assemblies coming apart and burning so please make sure you put it out in the yard away from everything the first few times you use it. I'm not saying yours will but be safe till you know for sure.

    Oh and congrats on the new GOSM they are great smokers
  7. Thanks for the info Pineywoods!! [​IMG] I seasoned it last night pretty close to my house in the backyard. Walked to my neighbor's house shooting the s**t leaving it alone. Won't do that again until I'm sure it's ok!

    What kind of check would you guy's recommend? Soap and water and check for bubbles?
  8. pineywoods

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    Yes I would recommend a soap and water mixture I don't remember all the details but think it was out near the tank end. I believe both of the ones I remember seeing posted were not on the first smoke they were however within the first five I believe In both cases I remember. Seems the crimp somewhere had let loose in both cases. I think Flatbroke was one of the ones it happened to and hopefully he will post here later with the details

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