Good deal on a univex slicer?

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  1. gersus

    gersus Smoking Fanatic

    I have an opportunity to purchase a used univex slicer for $50. He says it needs a new blade, is missing the sharpening part, and can't get it to adjust the slice thickness. I have no idea if it's worth it given its issues or not. If someone could help me out I'd appreciate it. thanks!
  2. gersus

    gersus Smoking Fanatic


    Here is the blurry pic he sent me.
  3. jalan43

    jalan43 Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    It's going to need a couple of hundred dollars worth of work. I would keep looking on Craigslist! Good luck, Jeff.
  4. gersus

    gersus Smoking Fanatic

    Bummer, thanks though.
  5. couger78

    couger78 Smoking Fanatic

    Strike 1, 2 & 3....those three issues (new blade, new sharpener & depth adjustment fix) all add up to $$$$ pretty quickly. I came across similarly priced models that needed 'help'. Best to keep looking. The good news is: the right one will eventually show up at the right price.


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