good bbq joints in new england ?

Discussion in 'New England Members Group' started by hambone1950, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. hambone1950

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    Now I know we all like our own BBQ that we make at home , but we like to eat out sometimes too !

    decent BBQ joints I have found in my area include......

    Blue ribbon BBQ , Newtonville , MA.  I don't want to get hung up doing reviews....but the meats here are stellar. none better.

    Bison county : Waltham , Ma.

    the fire box : Bedford , MA

    firefly's : Marlboro , Ma.

    how about you guys n gals? what good bbq joints have you found around you ?     [​IMG]
  2. I'm a big Bison County fan - the beer selection is also great there. Never had a bad meal, everything is always great. Fireflys in Marlboro isn't quite as good but still satisfies if I happen to be out in that area. I was sad when they closed down the Quincy location - used to be a nice escape from the city on weekends to get a good affordable BBQ meal.

    Has anyone tried Sweet Cheeks near Fenway? I know they trend toward a higher end/culinary pedigree but I've also heard they have some great stuff. Been meaning to make it in there and try it out but waiting until the Sox offseason, which hopefully isn't until sometime after Halloween this year...
  3. raspy87

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    I've got got a little local deli here in Greenville RI called Liberina's that does awesome stuff!
  4. geerock

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    Wilson's in Fairfield, Ct pretty good and When Pigs Fly in Sharon, Ct is a tiny place but with some good bbq takeout and some great sides.
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  5. hambone1950

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    I've walked by that place a few times after games and I can never get anyone to go....they all think it looks too expensive. Well , it might be , but I'd try it once.
  6. bobank03

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    There is a Blue Ribbon BBQ in Arlington MA that I stop at once in awhile. Ate at the Firefly's in Marlborough was decent the last time I ate there. There is Lester's BBQ just down the road from me on the Billerica/ Burlington town line on Route 3A that isn't too bad (I also don't do food reviews). I will either go back again or tell you that I won't. 

    I generally stay away from the riblet sandwich at Burger King, lol.

    And just to tweak the subject a little bit, are there any local BBQ festivals in your area? The used to run one every fall in Westford, but I think they shifted it to Lowell a few years ago. 
  7. hambone1950

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    I hear ya on the review thing....I think we get too hung up on trying to convince everyone that what WE. Like is the best. Taste in BBQ is very subjective. And me , I'm not ultra critical about bbq restaurants....if I can get some bbq , I'll eat it and (usually) like it.

    I've never been to a big bbq fest . I'd do that in a heartbeat. Lowell , you say? I'll have to look into that.
    Just looked it up....the last entry on google is from 2009 :-(
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  8. hambone1950

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  9. bobank03

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    do a google for New England Barbecue Society and all of the local New England events are listed. 
  10. LJ's BBQ in Pawtucket RI, Owned by a few folks originally from the South. Been there several times...
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  11. Hey guys Little Red Smoke House Wareham.  Great Brisket and I know its not smoked but my daughter loves the fried chicken.
  12. bamofnh

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    Well you can't leave out the Yankee Smoke House in West Ossipie, New Hampshire.  It's at the corner of Rt16 and Rt25.  They even have a window outside that you can look in and see the meat being Smoked.  Here's the Link:   Very Family oriented with very reasonable prices.

  13. bobank03

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    I was watching the tv show "Chronicle" on the local Boston channel last night and they had a place on from North Conway, NH called Moat Mountain. They are not only a BBQ joint but also a micro brewery. 

    Now if they had hotel rooms I would be going there for a mini-vacation! We go up to OOB Maine quite a bit, but now I have a good reason to make a loop to North Conway and Ossipee! 
  14. hambone1950

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  15. bobank03

    bobank03 Smoking Fanatic

    My bad, just realized it was NH Chronicle on on WMUR 

    And for sure on adding to the bucket list! 
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  16. bamofnh

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    Ha ha ha  One more thing for you.  I just saw that Tractor Supply is still advertising two Masterbuilt Smokers on sale.  The Digital Black 30" Reg $179 now $129 and the 30" Glass front Reg $299 now $149.  There not at every store, you might have to call around, but that's what I did last month and found mine.  Oh ya, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
  17. bamofnh

    bamofnh Fire Starter

    I saw that too.  I drive up through there often to visit family in the Gorham / Berlin area.  Now I have a stop on the way up and another on the way back.  ha ha ha

    One thing I forgot to mention was the Yankee Smoke House is owned by my cousin Joey.  Nope, he still won't share a recipe with me. he he he

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too
  18. bobank03

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    Well then One night somewhere between North Conway and  Ossipee. How can you go wrong? And the Q on either end? That's what everyone needs within 10 miles of their home:

    A BBQ joint that serves real beer! 
  19. geoffmen7

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    If you're ever driving up 91 through Putney,VT, check out this place. Curtis' All American BBQ.

    It's right off the highway ramp. 

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