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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by junkcollector, May 24, 2014.

  1. Time to move on. Literally, going to be moving and out of touch for a while.

    Sorry I haven't been very active on here lately. I have had some serious health issues since Christmas. They have seem to subsided lately. Haven't posted anything simply because I haven't had time. Between health and getting ready to move, simply haven't had time to smoke anything. I actually did smoke a beef last week but only got a few shots done. If i get time this evening might get up a thread on it, but if not, it will be after I move. 

    As some of you know, I am moving to Philippines. Moving day has finally came. We fly out of Chicago on Monday morning. Once I get there, I do not have any internet yet. The only net access will through my phone (which sucks). I hope to get net before the end of june. Currently visiting family so we're leaving hotel EARLY and getting in LATE. Still got 2 days but obviously I can't smoke anything at a hotel. 

    I do have my amzps, 2lbs hickory and 1lb mesquite in my luggage. the other 100 lbs of pellets are already on the way. Sad part is, once I get there, I'll be smoking in a card board box for a while. Tig welder is all packed away and won't arrive for another 4-8 weeks by boat. should have materials on site so when it does arrive, IT'LL BE ON THEN!!!!!! 

    Anyway, I wanted to say that it's been good, but i'll be gone, out of touch for 4-8 weeks. HOPEFULLY it'll be less. 

    Looking forward to catching up in the near future. 

    Till then, keep the elements warm, fires burning and remember, THIN blue smoke......


    aka: junkcollector........
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  2. noboundaries

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    Louie, wow, sorry to hear about the health issues.  I hope and pray with you for a complete and speedy recovery.

    Enjoy your life's new adventure in the Philippine Islands.  Some of my life's most fond memories were created in the PI decades ago with my wife.  You'll be up and smoking again in no time flat.  Now, if they could only get the space plane in service to cut down on that long flight.  The flight out of SF was long enough.  Adding five more hours from Chicago, Oy Vey!

    Here's wishing you a beautiful and stress free transition to your new home.  We'll keep the smoke flowing until you can add your own once again.

    Fair Winds!

  3. thanks ray, the health issues, well, im kindly diddled by the dangling digits of destiny. kidneys and diabetes are both hereditary. the gout issues, well, i believe a lot of that is because of the kidneys. 

    flight, HAHA, actually looking forward to that. after i get through security, figuring on picking up a bottle of adult beverage of some kind and going to sip on it and relax for the whole flight. been busier than a one legged drunk in a but kicking contest for the last few months. 14+ hours of sipping, sleeping, listening to music on phone, or watching movies, yup, going to be a relaxing enjoyable flight. 

    ya want a vacation, come on over.

  4. jp61

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    Good luck and have a safe trip!

    Wish you the best with your health and we'll be hearing from you soon!

    Take care!
  5. daveomak

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    Louie......... take care....... Dave
  6. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Louie, I told my wife about your invitation.  She cracked up laughing then said "we'll give him time to settle in first."  [​IMG]

    Enjoy your "flight plan," the only way to fly.
  7. Have a safe & peaceful journey Louie - see you when you can get back on.
  8. Hopefully it won't be too long before I get back on here. Sitting at hotel usin fone to reply. 12 hours before I have to be at the airport.
    stuffed more than a full bell pepper. Had buffet at the """jolly inn"""" polish restaurant/buffet. Nice quiet room a few miles from airport, yup gonna b a gud evening
  9. hahaha, come on over. 

    Flights have been ok so far. the security sucks though. very similar to a saturday at walmart, 50 registers, 8 checkout people and 300 waiting to check out. other than that, smooth sailing. im in manila for 2 more days then on home. at least i have wifi at the hotel.
  10. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I remember flying in to the old airport in Manilla in 1981. What an experience. Once through customs our luggage was loaded by someone on a cart and it disappeared into the crowd. A buddy and I piled in a car with two guys sitting on either side of us who assured us our gear was fine. They were negotiating the rate to take us to the hotel as we drove in a beater private vehicle. We arrived. Paid our $50 without question and got our gear. We looked at each other and cracked up laughing knowing we'd just been introduced to the art of local businessmen who saw an opportunity in us. A memory I still enjoy. Worth every penny!
  11. boykjo

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    get well soon and hurry back

  12. boykjo, thanks. been over here a few days now. affects of flying so far/long are going away. jetlag is still getting me though. 

    ray, i can completely relate to your experience. Things are a bit more organized now but still similar. you and I both have been lucky to have run into honest folks. unfortunately there are still the crooked ones to watch for. Manila airport, well, you summed it up pretty well. When i was here 11 years ago, I remember it pretty similar to what you describe. Last year it was SEVERAL steps better. This year, I flew into the newly remodeled terminal 3. WOW, what a difference. Can't speak for 1 or 2, but they were remodeling #3 last year when we went back to states. to see it completed this year. WOW!!!! They did a VERY VERY nice job.


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