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    One of our favorite neighbors was over a couple of weeks ago and while sampling one of my snack sticks said "You should make some Loukaniko". I said " luka what?"
    Well that got my curiousity riled up so I looked into it. It's basically a Greek sausage using orange zest and Lamb and varies from region to region. I found a couple of recipes and came up with something.
    1 lb Lamb
    3 lbs Pork
    1 lb Pork fat
    3 tbs kosher salt
    1 tsp #1 cure
    2 tbs sugar
    5 tbs minced fresh garlic
    1 tbs ground Coriander seed
    1 tbs cracked black pepper
    2 tbs Fennel seeds
    1 tbs crushed dried Oregano
    2 tsp dried Thyme
    3 tbs grated fresh Orange zest
    1/2 cup red wine

    We're not real crazy about Lamb, so I hated to buy a whole leg just for a lb, so I got 3 shoulder chops which yielded a lb of meat.
    The Pork fat was about half back fat and half regular.
    Ground the meat and fat through the course plate, mixed in the sugar and salts and fridged for the night.
    Next day I added the rest of the ingredients. One of the recipes called for Leeks, so I decided to try them.
    The Leeks were sauteed in olive oil & Coriander & Pepper taosted before grinding.
    Time for stuffing! Trying pre-tubed for the first time. Also trying stuffing all and twisting after. I had 3 blow outs. I'll stick to twisting as I go, thank you.
    Into the smoker to dry a little before firing up.
    It was cold out, so I didn't have problems keeping the chamber to around 120 to 140 for 3 hrs. When the links hit 140 I opened the vents to 180. When the links hit 160 I pulled and hung. It was only 40 outside so I didn't worry about a cold bath.
    I'll have to admit, the Orange is different! It tastes good sliced cold, but I can't wait to toss a couple on the grill. Just frying some up for a plate view (I know you all like that!) convinced me this stuff is meant to be browned up!
    Now, If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go rent "Fiddler On The Roof"
    Thanks for looking....

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  2. Looks great, I can't wait to get a grinder and stuffer and make my own sausage.
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    Thanks, Ricky!
    Be careful what you wish for LOL!
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    That looks really great!  I have a bunch of lamb shoulder cubed up for grinding.  Was going to make my gyro dog but I might try this instead!  Points!!

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