Going with the 3-2-1 today on my ECB with the electric attachment

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  1. So I'm doing a yard sale and had a rack of St. Louis ribs in the fridge so I decided to throw them in the smoker while I sat around today. Prepped them with some French's mustard and Gate's spicy rub (LOVE GATE'S). Put a mixture of apple juice, Coors Light, and water in the liquid basin and cherry wood chips to burn on the heating element. About 3 hours in right now so getting close to the foil segment. Will let you know how they turn out.
  2. So got caught up with people and left them on for about 4 hours. Just wrapped them in foil. Put three pats of butter, covered them in honey, poured about 1/4 cup of Coors Light on them, and added some rub. Remembered to take pics this time. They will be up when I change over to my laptop instead of my iPad. Also threw some sausages on for extra measure.
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  4. X2
  5. Still on my iPad. Sorry no qview yet.
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  8. How do you make a q-view?
  9. To post a picture, just click on the link in the bar above


    the one to the left of the "film" icon, 2 over on the left from the paper clip icon...the rest will be self explanitory

  10. YUM!!!!!!   Looks good from here!
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    Yes it does look good!
  12. they were the first that I had made that could be called fall off the bone.  Had a few before the teenage boys of the house devoured them.  I am assuming they were good since they put the rest of the rack down in a few minutes.
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    nice job they look awesome

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