Going to smoke first prime rib from Sam's?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sooner fan, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. We are having a watch party at my house Saturday evening for the OU Washington game and of course I am planning on Smoking. Everyone has had lots of variety off my smoker (brisket, chicken, ABT's, Fattys, hamburgers, etc) so I was thinking of something a little different.

    I was at Sam's yesterday and was eyeing the Rib Eye Roasts. They range from 10-15 pnds each for 5.99/pnd. They also had full strip roasts for 6.44/pnd both Choice.

    I am leaning to the rib eye roast, cutting it in half and cooking one to 125 and one to 135. The only thing I plan on doing to the meat is rubbing with it a roasted garlic, ground pepper, and kosher salt mix. I will also be slitting the roasts and inserting some of the roasted garlic cloves into the meat.

    Has anyone had experience with this cut of meat from Sam's? If it is not a good cut I don't want to spend $90 - $100 on it.

    Also, I am guessing about between 5 - 7 hours to get 2 7pnd roasts done, does this seem about right?

    I just don't want to get caught with my pants down on this one. A $20 brisket or butt is one thing.

    I have looked over many of the previous prime rib posts but most of them are dealing with smaller cuts and/or steaks or with bone in. I haven't really seen much with a large roast like I am looking at.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. smoking gun

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    I haven't smoked either but IMO both those cuts you're looking an are normally sliced into steaks. They're just the whole ribeye or strip. They have both at my local meat shop and the strips are on sale for 3.99 this weekend. I'd love to try smoking one but I believe the strip is a pretty lean cut and don't know how it would turn out. At the temps you're suggesting I'd say they would be really good sliced but don't know for sure. The ribeye would tend to have more fat for sure. I love ribeye steaks. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread to see how you do.

    I did do a 10 lb sirloin tip roast, sliced some at 140 and took the rest to 200 and pulled it. The sliced part was good but the pulled portion had the most wonderful flavor. It was VERY lean.


    Good luck and good smokes.

  3. dradclif

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    Hey Sooner Fan,

    My personal experience with rib-eye roasts is that you can't go wrong, what ever you do. It's more than difficult, maybe near impossible to ruin a good ribeye roast. I prefer Costco meats to Sam's usually, but you don't have to be too picky with this cut of meat. The marbling in this cut, and the slow cooking makes this a very forgivable piece of meat. I prefer medium rare, but even at medium well, this would be a very tender, juicy, and platable treat.

    Personally, I reserve cooking ribeye/ prime rib/ tenderloin roasts to smaller groups... rather than a bunch of folks over to watch a game. The only reason I say this is because I like to cut the finished roast into ribeye steaks, which means a maximum of 6 or 8 people depending on the size of the roast, and how thick I feel like cutting them. Then again, that's just my limited mental capacity on how I like my ribeye roasts... never done anything but slice them into steaks, I don't really carve these cuts like I would some other lesser quality roasts.

    I've not smoked a ribeye roast yet either, I"ve always cooked them on my rotisserie, partially because the meat turning on the spit is self-basting, and the outside gets a nice little seared crust, while the inside is pink, tender, and juicy. But, I just got a new smoker, so maybe I'll try it this weekend as well. The rub I use on them is made up of Emeril's Essence, Mesquite smoke seasoning, steak dust, and porterhouse roast seasoning, after I massage it liberally with some EVO. The mesquite gives it a little bit more of a bite than black pepper does, (has some red peppers in it), and it adds more flavoring. With this combination of spices, you don't need salt either, there's plenty enough in these mixes already. These spices on this cut of meat is certainly non-traditional, but the auroma and flavors are mouthwateringly unforgettable. If I do smoke one this weekend, I would probably sear it a little bit first on a grill before putting in the smoker... just a personal preference with most things that I smoke.

    I have no doubt how ever you cook it, or what ever you put on it... it will be great!
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  4. williamzanzinger

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    Ive done a few but still feel Ive less than perfected the process.
    Tips Ill try for next time
    1. Give it a good sear over some hot coals to begin with
    2. should be 1 but...season it well. Lots of garlic.lots of s+p
    3. smoke @220 until med rare.
    4. Let it rest a bit.
    5. even though you want good air flow around the meat to prevent steaming , make sure you have something arranged to catch the huices, there will be LOTS of juices.
  5. smoke freak

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    Last time I sliced a ribeye for steaks, I held back a 4#chunk for the smoker. My wife wasnt pleased (yet). I used my regular brisket rub and smoked to around 145. More done than most here would tell ya to do it. It was still plent rare for me and mine. The wife said it was the best thing to ever come off the smoker and suggested that I save some from the next one. SCORE!
  6. Thanks for the replies so far. I will be checking back prior to my cook tomorrow to see if any more info good ideas have been posted.

    I'm heading to Sam's (don't have a Cotsco here) to get the roast. I will be looking for a nice brite color with good white marbling in the 13-14pnd range.

    Now, I have an electric cookshack smoker so I will fire it up to 250 with a couple of small chunks of apple for about 2 hours. I am then going to lower the temp to around 160 to slow cook and render as much fat out as I can. I will be pulling one half of the roast at 120-125 and the other at 130-135. Pulling will depend on what time it is when they are getting close to done and if I will be wrapping and coolering or just resting and serving.

    Depending on how the roasts are looking I may pull them about 5-10 degrees earlier and sear the roast on each side on my gasser for appearance purposes.

    My wife already thinks I am obsessed with smoking and grilling. I can't wait to see her reaction when I start taking pictures for my first official Q-view! She is going to give me he**! Oh well, won't be the first time but I figure it is the least I can do for all the help you guys/gals have given and the information you post here on this forum.
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    hey sooner fan i think my invite got lost in the mail...what time are you having the party.....just down the road from ya.....[​IMG]
    never done a rib roast but i have been eyeing the same thing and i am honestly a little nervous doing one myself because of the cost $100.00
    would hate to mess that up...let me know how yours went and if you need help i am right down the road......as always
  8. nicko

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    I have cooked 1,000 of LBS of primerib.....Worked weddings for 7 years.....Now cook or fun....Pull at 125 let rest for med-rare....let ret will climb to 130....then ENJOY!!!!!!


    That is the one i smoked...Let it go in the oven a little too long for the reheat.
  9. mgwerks

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    Was the $5.99 the regular price or was it on sale?
  10. bbqgoddess

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    Go Sooners!
    SF, it sounds amazing, I have yet to do one so I am green with envy and will be watching closely your progress! YUMMY, I am drooling already...this is one of my favorite cuts, and after reading all the this I could eat a giant PR right now!
    Good luck,
    Happy smokes and Go Sooners!
  11. doctor phreak

    doctor phreak Smoking Fanatic

    just wanted to bump this.......
    go sooners
  12. The 5.99 is the regular price. Actually when I got there to get it they had gone on sale and are now 5.64/pnd. The one I got ended up being 15.57pnds (if I remember right).

    Getting ready to start taking pictures for the view to come. Garlic is roasting in the oven with a little evo, kosher salt, and fresh cracked pepper.
  13. erain

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    did one a lil while back around a 8 pounder which i marinated in Vmans marinade. dont let this smoke intimidate you!!! use your thermo not time and take it up to 125-130 deg and foil wrap, seal the edges of the foil seam so juices wont escape. wrap in towels and into a cooler for rest to draw juices back into the roast evenly. biggest thing other than temp in my opinion is catch the juices while smokin. i just laid mine on a table along with knife and let peeps slice off however big a chunk they wanted. served with the juices rewarmed (while roast is resting put juices from pan in a cup or jar and into frig.the fat will rise and solidify allowing you to remove)this is a great smoke with spectaculor results!!!

    link for marinade

    and then put a rub on, basic brwn sugarroast /paprika/pepper etc rub...
    that smoke is at
  14. Okay, here is my first pic on SMF. Roast cut in half, seasoned, getting ready to insert roasted garlic, and then onto the smoker. A full Q-view will follow. I hope it goes well.[​IMG]
  15. doctor phreak

    doctor phreak Smoking Fanatic

    dude can't wait to see the rest of your q-view...very excited to see how it comes out...just told my wife i wanted to do this and she said i will have to wait and see...darn[​IMG]
    ahh well...good luck...and as always
  16. captturbo

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    I figure three+ years is being patient enough. Is it done yet? [​IMG]
  17. smokin vegas

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    What time is dinner?

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