Going to do my first cook-off!!!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by nekramp, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. nekramp

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          This weekend I am doing my first cookoff ever. The main meat of choice is pork shoulder, which is great because I have 14lbs in my freezer.  I was thinking of splitting in half and cooking one half to pull and the other half to slice! Does anyone have any advice, tips, tricks or anything to make this a good first cookoff?  Any help would be awesome!! Thanks in Advance and wish me luck
  2. Luck! I don't do comp. That said. cut it in half. smoke 225 to 240 to 200 to 205 deg. let the meat tell you when it is done

    Happy smoken.


    Remember to post pics.
  3. rgacat

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    Good luck on the cook off let us know how you do.

    Ronnie G.
  4. kathrynn

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    Have fun!  Will be cheering for ya! 


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