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  1. grasshopper

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    Going to pull the pin, and buy the 2012 MES 40.(200701512)  I like the new door opening (oppsite side) Tthe display and the drip pan is in front I see that the window is bigger. Hope it holds the heat as good as the 2011. They also moved the top draft to the left side, if I am right. Masterbuilts web site dosen't have it up yet, still the 2011. Cabela's has it on there's  Although a person can get a great deal on the 30 now at cabel's they dropped the price to $249. I use the cabela's in Rogers MN. That will save me $18.00 on shipping. Sure hope I am right, $449.00 is full price. 4 to 6 weeks back order Bet the sales person tries to sell me a 200070311, 2011 mod. Which is also great. Probably a lot of money for a front display, door and drip pan. Thinking out loud.? 
  2. Sams Club (online and in store) has the 2011 model of the MES 40 for $299...  $150 premium for those features seems steep
  3. I've got the MES 40 from Sam's and I absolutely love it. I just can't see that much extra $$$$ for the few mods they did to it. Good luck and hope it's everything you want!
  4. deltadude

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    I guess the door opening switched from left to right is a good thing, especially if your right handed, However the price difference between Sam's and CABELAS is very compelling, after all the MES 40 without the CABELAS mods is already a super successful awesome working smoker.

    My 5 year old Sam's MES 40 has one feature that has been missing for several years, my cabinet is stainless steel inside and outside.  For that reason alone I doubt I will ever replace it, instead fixing anything that fails and keeping a great stainless cook box.
  5. mneeley490

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    I went to our brand new Cabelas at Tulalip last night. Officially, the store isn't even open yet. They still had the older model MES's.
  6. fife

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    Love my MES40 got it at SAMs as well
  7. I have the good looking all stainless steel MES40 too and I feel the same way about keeping it 'forever' , even if I have to fix/replace parts/mod to keep it going. Whenever I am on my deck looking out at my MES sitting there, I think to myself what a nice looking smoker it is...
  8. grasshopper

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    Well I did it. The upgrade probably isn't worth that amount of money. I have been working my  butt off all winter, so I treated myself. I was always looking at the 30 inch because all the kid are gone. A lot of the post say bigger is better. Looked at the 2011, 40 inch in the store and it sure is big. Looks like I will have to learn more. I have never smoked anything in my life. I started out making breakfast sausage and than got Rytek Kutas book and now I am hooked . Glad for this forum. 
  9. gersus

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    If your hooked on ryteks book then you definitely need the 40. Congrats on the purchase!

    Maybe I like the old MES model so well because I'm left handed?! Lol. I never thought about but when I read above that they switched I was thinking to myself that I wouldn't like that change.
  10. bustintires

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    dont forget to check the bargain cave. i got my mes40 stainless with the glass door for 269.00 it had a small ding on the side but was otherwise unused and in perfect condition.

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