Going to be a fun cooking weekend for me!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gators2000, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. My son is turning 6 and we're having a big part at the house on Sunday for him.  We go way overboard with all 3 of our kids birthday parties.  I use them as an excuse to hang out and party a little too.  We should have about 45 adults and 18 kids!  I'm preparing all the meat!!!

    Starting today by smoking a couple nice fillets of Amber Jack for my semi-famous "Smoked Fish Dip."  It take a good 24 hours to sit once it's done for the flavors to all blend, so I'm getting it out of the way this afternoon.  

    Sunday morning I'll start with all the real food.  Planning to smoke 5 chickens (quartered) and I have about 7 pounds of drumsticks to be smoked too.  Then on the grill, I'll be grilling 10 pounds of wings and about 30 spicy Italian Sausages.  If I don't think I have enough, I have an extra chicken that will be ready to put on if there's room on the smoker.  

    Starting at about 7am as the party starts at noon and I want all the meat to be done by about 11am so I can shower and try to get some of the smoke smell off of me.  

    Wish me luck; this is the most people I've ever cooked for by myself! 
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    hmmm, sounds like a fun day and you're on top of it....some lucky folks indeed...enjoy the ride
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    Sounds good to me
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    Sounds like a great time good luck with it all and don't forget the Qview
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  5. Everything came out Awesome!!!  Even the timing of it all worked perfect.  I was done cooking 45 minutes before party time and was able to clean up, get showered and crack a cold one before the guests arrived.  LOTS of compliments on all the food.  When I was scrambling for 3 hours, I started to question whether all the work was worth it.  Then I made my own plate, enjoyed and can confirm that the work WAS worth it.  Is all the rush of the morning, I did not get but a couple pics...  I'll get them posted up shortly.   
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    Way to go!

    Sounds like a great success!

    I bet there will be some requests for future parties!
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    Gators2000....do you soak the amberjack fillets in butter milk or anything else? i have some AJ meat myself and i've heard conflicting stories on how to prepare this.  i want to make some smoked fish dip.  Also what temp do you smoke the fish at?

    thank and glad it all came out well!
  8. Here is the pic from when I just put everything on.  


    Then one with a little smoke coming out!!!  


    Wish I'd have taken more pics...  Till next time! 
  9. I posted this on another thread.  I smoke the AJ on my smaller Webber so I don't know the exact temp.  I think it's hotter than normal smoking temps and it comes out great. 

    I don't know that mine is much better than anyone else's but I'm happy to share.  I use Amberjack primarily but have had success with King Fish too.

    Prior to smoking, I squeeze fresh lemon juice on the meat.  I use a pretty good amount of it.  While that is soaking in I melt some garlic butter (lots of garlic), enough to totally coat the topside of the fillet.  Once that's on the fish, I season it with blackening seasoning and everglades.  Heavy on the blackening and light on the everglades (for my taste).  I also top the fish with onions and tomatos.  


    Now, smoke the fish like you normally would.  


    Once cooked, remove and place on a cookie sheet.  Shread the fish and remove the skin and any blood lines remaining.  Put in a large mixing bowl.  


    To the fish you add a couple scoops of real mayo (maybe a cup), a good squeeze of yellow mustard, a half of a yellow regular sized onion (diced very small), a table spoon or two of pickle relish, a tablespoon or two of worchtishire sauce, lemon juice from a couple lemon wedges. 

    You don't want too much mayo.  The consistancy should not be too mayo ish.  If you take a club cracker and try to dip it in the spread, the cracker should break.  You can always add more mayo.  From here, put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours to cool and to let the flavor mix.  Take it out, mix it up and taste.  Usually I end up adding a little more mayo and lemon.  Sometimes more of the other stuff too.  If you add more, give it a few minutes back in the fridge before you serve.  

    It's amazing on club crackers with a dash of crystal hot sauce and a Jalapeno on top.  Good luck.  

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    WOOO HOOO, smoked fish dip!

    Let's get the game on & pop open a few beers!

    Seriously it looks delicious!
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    Thanks Gators! Last question...how long do you smoke it? couple hours?

    BTW i have almost the same UF plate at home...its a 4 sectioned serving platter....GO GATORS!

  13. I have that platter too!  

    I guess it ends up cooking for 1:15 - 1:45, depending on the size of the fillet and how hot the smoker gets.  The ones in the picture were on for about 1:20 ish.  When they're filleted, they don't take too long... 
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    This looks so good that I am sipping a cold one right now!

    Great job!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    probably a dumb question...did you also dice up the smoke tomatos and onions in the bowl with the shredded fish?
  16. Dougmays. No, I don't dice up the tomato and onion. The flavor cooks down into the meat while it smokes.  As I said in the recipe, I do add fresh diced onion when mixing everything up. 
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    Looks like it all came out great - congratulations 

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