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Discussion in 'Fish' started by njsmoker83, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.  Im going fishing this week for Striper.  I went last year for Blue Fish and didn't catch anything at all, but i heard it doesn't taste good anyway.

    This week i am going night fishing for Striper.  I hear they taste really good.  Anyone ever grill, broil, or smoke them?

    Thanks and wish me luck ill have pics soon.
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    Sorry I never have, but good luck to ya and have fun!
  3. Hey, njsmoker83  --  Good luck on those stripers. They are a great sport to catch and great on the grill. The secret to eating stripers is when you filet them be sure and remove all the red streak from the outside of the filets. It will taste very strong if not removed and discarded.

    Here is a great recipe for stripers (or practically any other fish). Sprinkle filets with a little lemon pepper and fresh dill. Then coat both sides of filets with mayonaise. (be sure and use real mayo and NOT salad dressing).Place filets in grilling basket and grill directly over fire untill flaky (edges will be turning a little brown). Turn the basket of filets several times when grilling and squeeze lemon juice on fillets each time they are turned. Most of the mayo will cook off the fish, but will leave a great flavor.

    P.S. Add a little cayenne if ya want to kick it up a notch or two.
  4. Franko is right, Remove the bloodline on the fillet and they are AWESOME eatin!!!!I roll the smaller fillets in flour and fry and its good eats, Ya catch some of the bigger fish and id bet they would be awesome smoked also........
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    Stripers (we call 'em Rockfish around here) are hard to mess up. I'd recommend against smoking them as the meat has a very subtle, delicate sweetness that I'd hate to overpower. It would probably taste really good, it just might taste more like smoke than rockfish. Grilled is good, as is fried, sauteed or broiled. A little salt and pepper and maybe a splash of lemon is all I like on them.

    By the way, if you happen to find yourself fishing for blues again, bring them home and smoke them. A night in a salt/sugar cure folowed by a few hours in a relatively cool smoker and you've got some serious good eating. Served with lemon and capers as an appetizer it's AWESOME.
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    Mdboatbum is right.  Stripers have a pretty wide margin of error.  We'd catch them on Lake Powell when I was a kid and grill them on a Coleman gas grill with lemon pepper and a little butter.  It was fantastic.  I bet they'd be great cedar planked as well.  But I still haven't had a cedar planked fish that I didn't like, so that's just my $0.02.

    Do you guys have to be careful about how often you eat them out there due to mercury content?  I fly fished for them and blues in Martha's Vineyard as my graduation present and I think I remember my guide telling me that eating them often can be risky due to mercury or some other toxin.
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    A day of relaxation and fishing!   aaaaaaaawe  [​IMG]
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    X3 to what Mdboatbum said. 

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