Going Dutch on Some Chicken Noodle Soup

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  1. Chill is in the air here in God's Country... so it's time for some soup. Using the full arsenal on these birds today..

    Thighs getting smoked for a few hours then jumping in the pool:

    Racked and rubbed, waiting on the MES to heat up:

    TBS courtesy of:

    Been a while since we opened up this pool:

    Today's victim:

    Swimming naked... the thighs will bring the rub flavor:

    In the pool and on the side burner... originally wanted to cook over the open fire pit today but the wind picked up and there are leaves all over. No need for the fire company to show up...

    Everything is lidded up, but the AMNPS is being stubborn again... Oh well, it's a good reason to sit outside and enjoy the fall weather.... see ya'll in a few hours for an update.
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    :110: looking forward to see how this comes out! I'll be taking notes!!!
  3. And we're back...

    Found another bundle of carrots in the garden as a I was prepping it for winter. Yum. These will go in the soup

    Done stewing...

    As a sideline the better half has been selling (buying?)Tastefully Simple so I figured I'd make some bread to go with the soup:

    Killing me to sacrifice this Chetty:

    Putting the vegetation into the pot:

    5# of meat in 5 gallons of soup... why not?

    Then this... smoked thighs shredded:


    Yuengling beer bread!

    Wasn't someone just asking about how to clean their pit? Here's my method:

    This soup is awesome, it finally has that "velvety" feel on your tongue!
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  4. .
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  5. Well.... the voting committee came home from work. The initial response as the car door opened, "something smells good!"

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    That's what counts! What did you use for stock?
  7. I cheated a bit to get the stock going. Used a 32oz container of store bought. Mixed it with about 2.5 gallons of water and then cooked the whOle bird in the Dutch oven for about 2 hours.

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