going drag racing with a lot of friends (14 of us) i need menu suggestions to feed them 3 evening me

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  1. hi guys

    i am fairly new to smoking meat and i have just recently built a uds it has 2 cooking racks i need suggestions on what to cook and how much to cook to feed 10 adults and 4 children using my uds for 3 evening meals i was thinking beer can chicken ,pulled pork and hamburger fatties we will all be camping so facilities will be limited but i welcome any ideas
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      Hi  Paul. Sounds like you have it all figured out! Maybe throw on some sausage or brats. If you have the time some ABT's are allways a hit!  Hope you have a great time camping.

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  3. chef jimmyj

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    You get 8 pieces from each bird, figure at least 2 pieces per person. I would go with 4 birds. Pulled pork I go with 6-8 oz per person, especially men and 2 rolls per. Since Butts have a 50% yield after cooking...8oz  X 14 = 112oz / 16 = 7 lbs cooked / .5 yield = 14 lbs Raw Butts. Fatties I would go with 8 oz meat per person plus the filling. Just in case...Full Racks of Spare ribs feed 3 people, so 14 / 3 = 4.6 Racks. That would be 4 Racks of Spare Ribs or 5 of Baby Backs, less meat. Sides you can get away with 3 oz per side per person. BBQ Sauce offer 2 oz per person per meal. Have Fun...JJ
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  4. thanks guys 

    i am very grateful for the advice i may well try the atomic buffalo turds as i have never done them before but trying to get jalepeno peppers fresh here in the uk will not be easy i may well have to substitute them with other chilli peppers i also have seen that people use habenero peppers for the extra kick do you think i will be able to use scotch bonnet peppers?as they are easily available here
  5. michael ark

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    All peppers can be stuffed. A meatloaf or chili are great smoked and cheap.
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    Scotch Bonnet Peppers can be stuffed as well...BUT...There better be some HARDCORE Chiliheads that are eating them! They are extremely hot and I doubt the kids will be able to eat them. If there are any other choices I would go with something else or skip them...JJ
  7. i am a serious chilli head and i will be ok with scotch bonnets as i use them on a regular basis along with naga jolokia (ghost) chillies but i will get milder peppers for the  others but i may get a couple of people back for jokes they have pulled on me in the passed lol 

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