Go green and accessorize your grocery shoppin style for 4 free!

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  1. Heads up members. if your a Safeway club card member (which is free btw) you should know that Safeway is currently offering a free reusable gorcery bag for club card members who purchase 40$ or more of groceries.

    You can load the coupon electronically to your club card via their web site http://www.safeway.com/IFL/Grocery/P...pons#iframetop

    or just clip it from their in store paper and use it.

    I just got mine today and I going to feel pretty good next time I shop for groceries because I will look good doing it and at the same time I know that I will help cut down the use of plastic bags.

    so yeah go a little greener and accessorize your shopping style at the same time. here is a pic of the bag I chose for free.the bag is made of a cloth plastic mix and can actually hold allot for stuff.I picked this one but I'm guessing that it will work for any reusable bag they sell at Safeway. [​IMG]
  2. mr mac

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    Nice bag! Just don't load it down with tofu and flax seed! [​IMG]
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    Wonder how much ammo and beer I can get in one of those. I just hate the way my MGD and .40 cal rounds always seem to bust those plastic bags..I end up having to use 10 of them
  4. caveman

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