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  1. tex2309

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    I have a GMG DB Wi-Fi model....the control board is giving me problems so I called GMG...imagine my surprise when they said that they don't make the wi-fi control boards anymore....anyone having to replace their control board the company is sending out retrofit far as I am concerned..this is NOT good business practice...If I had wanted a retrofit board I could have purchased a non-wifi model and then retrofitted it.
  2. lamrith

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    Huh, interesting, do you know who you spoke with @ gmg that said this?

    That seems very odd to do that 2 mos after release.  I know some have had issue (myself included) with the stock "green man" antenna having terrible range.  I get about 30-40ft inside my house and lose signal.  Maybe they realize the antenna is the issue so they only ship out the retrofit boards now.  A retrofit board would be easier to install as you would not have to worry about screwing that tiny antenna wire into the the antenna to swap out.

    The Retro boards have the antenna built into the board and use a std wifi antenna, so people are even swapping those out to big antennas to boost range.  Buying a std DB and then adding the retrofit would have cost you more $$ overall, but then you would have a back-up controller...
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  3. Yeah what lamrith said.:)
  4. tex2309

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    I spoke with Neil..who is the manager of the service department.  Neil said he spoke with the owner of the company and that is the info he got.
  5. amelia finch

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    I had a similar prob with my Davy Crockett but it could have been something I did. Anyway, I called customer support for a replacement. The guy told me that I had to get one from a dealer and they directed me to this site to get one shipped:

    I bought one and got it last week and had a friend install it. It seems to be working great for now from inside my house. But I'l report back if something comes goes wrong.
  6. bigtrain74

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    Wow. What is the warranty they gave you on that cooker? If in warranty, they need to make this right.
  7. lamrith

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    Yeah I question that too.  Honestly GMG and Neil specifically is one of the best customer support guys I have seen in a long time.  They go out of their way to make it right.

    What exactly was the problem with your unit and how old is it?  I have a DBWifi that had low wifi signal and they replaced it with a retrofit board, doubled the signal strength.
  8. amelia finch

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    Honestly, I made the mistake of letting my boyfriend take the board off and look at it himself lol. Yeah, my signal is great right now. I can go way on the other side of my house now.

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