GMG Thermal Blanket w/About a 4-5" cut... Alright?

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by ostrichsak, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. ostrichsak

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    I'm having a hard time finding a local shop that has the GMG thermal blanket in stock (lots of people wanting to use their smoker in Colorado winters I guess) and I finally found a local shop that has one in stock for $80 which is about the going price.  They also happen to have one that has about a 4-5" cut in it from when they were unboxing it.  They put some super glue on it and the person I was talking to on the phone said he has the same smoker w/the same thermal blanket and he said that it wouldn't bother him if it was his.  Normally I would just go for the perfect one but they have the cut one marked at $44.49 so it represents a significant discount over the normal price.  It seems as though if it's just the top later the super glue would be a sufficient fix and even if that fails eventually (likely) I can look into other methods of securing it.  I suppose it would be a matter of looks if it's right on the front panel or something but man... that's a really good deal on a thermal blanket.

    What would you folks do?  Seems like a killer deal but will I be kicking myself that I didn't just pay the extra $35?  I love a deal more than the next guy generally so maybe that will play into it more then someone who's of the 'buy once, cry once' mindset I guess.
  2. tbern

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    Go look at it, see where cut/ repair is and where it would be on your grill. Probably isn't going to show that much. I would go with the savings myself, as small flaws don't bother me.
  3. ostrichsak

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    Kind of my thought too.  Mostly cosmetic but it's right on the front/top panel where you see it then maybe it's going to drive me nuts even if it stays repaired.  Then again, that's why I got the grill cover, right?  lulz
  4. tbern

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    Would a small matching color piece of duct tape hide repair any better? See if a magnet holds threw the cover to your grill, possibly a grill cooking chart or types of wood to use chart would cover the spot. They sell them as magnetic pieces.
  5. ostrichsak

    ostrichsak Meat Mopper

    I'll check that out too.
  6. mowin

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    Cut wouldn't bother me a bit. Put the $35 towards a brisket.:drool
  7. ostrichsak

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    My thoughts exactly!
  8. frosty

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    Generally, I would agree that the cut may be worth looking at, but potentially might be less of a problem than you might expect.  The cut is only 4 - 5" and might not be a big deal.  Duct tape may seal it up fine and last at least one season before having to be replaced.

    It really depends on how concerned you are about the heat loss.  Up in Denver, my BNL cannot keep his Traeger outside and the thermal blanket is a necessity. But his garage smells great!

    In Houston, my problem is normally caused by the wind causing heat loss.

    I have used welding blankets for years and they work fine. I had a 4' X 6' that worked fine, and had a temperature rating of about 550 degrees C/1000 F.  

    You can get those at Nort*hern Tool for less than $25.00 even today.  It had grommets galore. Magnets kept them from blowing around, and they can be folded or doubled if needed.  I seem to recall that I layered the welding blanket and then placed a moving blanket on top at least once. Moved it out of the way when needed, and then moved it back after adding fuel to the fire box.

    Worked fine and kept the heat in my Klose smoker.  I DID have a tarp behind it to act as a wind break. I also have a couple of wind breaks made from plywood that can help.

    The guy across the street used surplus card board boxes and a moving blanket for years without using the local Fire Department's services. 

    Best of luck, and keep on smokin'!

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  9. I have an old washing machine that went kaput and I salvaged the enclosure for a windbreak. Works really well. If it gets too cold I'll line the inside of it with reflectix. We salvaged the Old clothes drum into a firepit.
  10. ostrichsak

    ostrichsak Meat Mopper

    So I bought it.  I went to see it and the location is such that it's on the back panel and my smoker will likely back up against my house which means nobody will even see it.  The super glue job they did is pretty darn good and it looks like it will hold up pretty well but given that it won't be seen I may just throw a strip of duct tape over the top of that to hold it even better against the elements.  Even if I need to change out that chunk of tape annually (it will likely last much longer than that under the cover when not in use) it's still a killer deal for $45 and will serve me well for years to come.  Glad I found the deal and thanks for the advice & ideas everyone!
  11. tbern

    tbern Fire Starter

    Congrats on your deal, I love finding too.
  12. mowin

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    Thats great. Good score, now start cookin....

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