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  1. Help me out here! I'm going to dive into the world of pellet smokers and I want your input. I've read through thousands of posts on this topic and feel confident in buying a Daniel Boon. I currently own a cajun injector electric, 18.5 wsm, and a mini I built. That being said, I don't need to hear the get what you pay for that I've read on every post regarding the topic. Bottom line is, I'm not dumping over a thousand bucks on this expense including a cover, I guess I've also looked at the Louisiana cs450? I believe and see they have a better warranty but really like the looks of the GMG. Can any GMG owners give me their opinions on their units? Success/failures? I want it for an all around unit and I'm actually curious about the baking ability of these units as well. I also purchased a 12" tube from Todd to supplement smoke. Thanks in advance for any input!
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    bk, I bought a GMG DB last September and have not regretted the purchase for one second. I absolutely love it and man does it kick out some great Q !! The only problem per say I had is the low pellet sensor that came with mine was defective... That being said I called the dealer I bought it from and they sent a new one out next day express... So long story short, they have resolved this issue. I have done brisket, ribs, pulled pork, Tri-tip, turkey, chicken, etc. We have even done pizza.... I hear that chocolate chip cookies are awesome on them as well, gotta try that soon... The DB holds temps rock solid and the temp probe that is included is spot on ! I usually smoke multiple things so bought a Maverick ET-732 and it is awesome... If there is something I have not addressed or any other questions please don't hesitate to ask !! Bottom line, I would pull the trigger on the DB again in a blink of an eye !!! Again, if you need anymore info just ask !! Hope this helps, Justin
  3. hi BK

    i got MES 30 , RF smoker .and a Weber .

    I Bought  GMG DB with remote  in October last year

    Man i love it . it is quick  And easy to work with ., easy to clean ., you can smoke with it or you can grill with it .

    you will love it .

    not all the time you get what you pay for here you get much more .
  4. After hours and hours of comparison I just purchased a rec tec grill. The reviews seem the most consistent, build quality and controller look exceptional. Cost about the same as a gmg but thicker steel and better controller, not to mention warranty. While hopefully have the unit on Thursday and doing some Boston butts this weekend. I feel this is an investment that will give back for years to come and well worth the cost.
  5. Just picked up my GMG, thanks for the input!
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    Congrats on the new pit!  I'll bet you love it.  Now that your a pellet burner, stop over in the Groups section and join our Pellet Smokers Group...there are occasionally some good discussions over there.

  7. Was waiting for this moment for a long time! First cook.
  8. I am a gmg owner and would not trade it for anything.  This smoker is an awesome machine. 

    gmg backs their smokers 100 percent.

    very easy to use.  Will hold temp exactly at what u set;   hope this helps you.
  9. I've had the Daniel Boone for a little over 1 yr.  Was happy with it at first.  After about 8 uses I had to move my recent BBQ inside to the oven because the low pellet sensor would not shut off.  Emailed the company, waiting to hear back.  There's no way this should be happening after only a few uses.  To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.  Will update when I hear back from them.  Any others run into this?
  10. waterinholebrew

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    I did have the low pellet sensor go bad, called the dealer I bought it from..... Had one overnighted via Fed Ex ! Changed it & works flawless.... I love my GMG !

    BTW, it will still work with the low pellet sensor going off, just kinda annoying !
  11. My sensor was bad right out of the box, called GMG replacement was here within a few days. I've had the grill since April and have cooked on it 2-4 times per week since then including some overnighter a with butts or brisket. It has worked flawlessly since the sensor replacement.

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