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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slowsmoker, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. I just purchased a Jim Bowie during the Black Friday sale GMG just had,  I was able to pick up a Jim Bowie with a Stainless Hood and Wi Fi for $739.00 out the door, but I have a question I hope you guys can answer the connection for the WiFi antenna and the antenna has the same connection they both have the male pin, is there a adapter that fits the antenna or did they install the wrong connection on the controller? can anyone tell me. attached is the connection on the controller
  2. if you have the same connector on both pieces is may be that you are missing/needing a cable to attach the unit. it should be a pretty common cable.

  3. Thanks BBQWillie!  I'll stop by Fry's Electronics and pick one up, you would think GMG would supply one with the smoker.
  4. I have the antenna the problem is in the center of the antenna and the connector on the controller has the male pin. 
  5. I would take your antenna down with you and see if they have the cable that is the same on both ends. just my thoughts

  6. Good advice, take it.
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    Id call Green Mountain about it. They may be able to take care of you.
  8. Thanks I sent an e-mail to GMG this evening I'm sure I'll hear from them tomorrow
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  10. I"lI have to say I cannot say enough about Jason at GMG it is no doubt the best customer service I ever had, I talk to Jason on the phone about my issue, he told me that he never seen that with an antenna, but he said he would send me another one and I said ok, but later in the day he called me back and told me he was at Sportsman Warehouse doing a class, and that he would leave me a new controller with an antenna at the .service desk with my name on it, all I needed was the antenna but he said he would leave me a new controller anyhow. So now I have the correct antenna and getting ready to send the controller back to them since I do not need it. again best customer service ever.
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    Great to hear.
  12. Jason is spot on I have spot to him twice and both times he was a big help and took care of my issues. GMG has great customer service!

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