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  1. jordon

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    I am switching from a WSM and I was looking into the GMG DB for a few reasons. I want a little more set it and forget it, as my smoking partner left me to enjoy smoking by myself. I also am interested in using it as a grill, so this caught my eye.

    It looks like the DB gets good reviews, but does anyone recommend an alternative?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. wade

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    I recently bought the Davy Crockett (the DB's little brother) on a bit of an impulse and was really surprised how good it was. the temperature really is set and forget and once set the temperature is incredibly stable. The first racks of ribs I cooked on it were probably amongst the best I have ever produced.

    This temperature log shows just how stable the temperature is once set over an 11 hour smoke. Check the upper trace (the light line) - from point (3) I just set it from my Android tablet to run at 225 F and it did the rest.

  3. jordon

    jordon Fire Starter

    How does the cooking area size compare to a WSM 18?
  4. waterinholebrew

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    I have a GMG DB & a WSM 18.5. Though the GMG as of late has become my go to smoker.
  5. jordon

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    Are the smoke tastes comparable? I would imagine the ease of use for the DB is a major benefit?
  6. waterinholebrew

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    To me personally as everyone is different but again to me charcoal has a unique taste (which is a good thing) & then adding wood chunks be it Apple, hickory or whatever then kinda infuses the taste together & the WSM is a great smoker. The DB where it uses pellets burns only real wood (gotta be selective on the pellets to be real wood) & gives another kinda taste. It's kind of a debate which pellet is the "best" ! Some folks will also get a smoke supplement like the Amazen tube smoker for more smoke flavor as pellets do burn quite efficient. I've never added the smoke supplement personally as the DB gives just the right amount of smoke flavor for my fam ! Hope this helps !
  7. jordon

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    I think I have decided on the DB Wifi. I will look into the upper rack if I need more space.

    I would imagine the additional electric costs are pretty much unnoticeable?
  8. waterinholebrew

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    I've sure been happy with mine, the electricity costs are very low !
  9. Post some pics of your smoker


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